2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



On the brink of professionalism, the riders of this specific division were hungry to display their talent in front of manager’s in the crowd. Brand representatives from all across the globe would be in attendance, scouring those on the line throughout the week to find “a diamond in the rough.” Levi Kitchen, Matthew LeBlanc, and even Ty Masterpool would proceed to toss their name into the hat; yearning to accumulate multiple race victories, as they capped 2020 with certainty. The racing surface throughout the Gatorback facility was a blend of both blue-grooved limestone, and coarse Northern Florida sand. A conundrum of sorts, both machine and rider would have to toggle among the various distinctions, hoping to mesh a harmonious flow by the time they exited the premises. With the mesh “pad” behind the starting gate offering optimal grip, the tread of these 250F machines would ferociously grab with interlocking integrity. Soon thereafter, front end’s would hover above the start straightaway; transmissions following in a descending pattern before hooking through corner number one. The first heat would initially have Jack Rogers taking reign of the field. Combatting forces from every which way, Rogers would do everything in his power to sustain the lead that he’d built. Yet, riders like Jeremy Ryan, Jake Masterpool, and Kaeden Amerine had other ideas in mind. The top five riders would continue to shuffle, with Wesley Allen and Max Vohland being thrown into the mix. Throughout the chaos, somehow, someway, Amerine would emerge; clinging to the thought of victory, while Allen claimed second, and Jake Masterpool, third. For the other half of racing action, Jace Kessler appeared to be the rider to clinch the green flag; yet in the moments to follow, competitors Branden Walther, Matthew LeBlanc, and Levi Kitchen would make their presence known within the top-five realm. Finding uncharted lines, Kitchen managed to finagle his way into winning contention. His speed was tremendous, scrubbing every obstacle in sight with wraths of fury and aggression. He would do what was necessary to claim victory, while LeBlanc secured second, and Branden Walther, third. It was then time for the main event spectacle, where LeBlanc and Kitchen would thoroughly quarrel with one another. The stamina of these two was simply unreal, delivering lap after lap of jam-packed action. With the track deteriorating, lines were scarce, regarding being categorized as an “optimal” realm. Yet Kitchen would make way. He stood behind the 329 machine for eleven laps, pestering him with a presence that could plague even the strongest of competitors. It was then, on the brink of circuit twelve, that the fortress would crumble. Kitchen would pass for the lead with certainty, taking a victory of exceptional proportions.