2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Waltzing from the dealership, straight to the starting line here in Florida, the running order of the 250 B Limited class was stacked with a list of worldwide talent. Competitors had flocked to Gainesville, amid the global pandemic crisis, hoping to regenerate a sense of “normalcy” before departing into the holiday season. Patches of palm trees would surround the Gatorback facility, leaving the idea of a blustery winter season to be a foregone notion. As the sun beamed down on the premises, chrome swing-arms would radiate, reflecting rays of shine before they sprinted onto the racetrack. Positioned over a series of heat races and runoffs, the score sheet following the conclusion of this particular outing would be riddled with sporadic numerical occurrences that even had the timing and scoring server baffled, as competitors jockeyed back and forth aspiration. Crafting some of the strongest times in the early going, Kawasaki’s Jayden Clough was a militant that absolutely couldn’t be overlooked. Hitting his marks in stellar fashion, he proceeded to hoist a plethora of inside lines, seizing battleground from names like Larry Reyes Jr., as the first race proceeded. Yet Reyes wasn’t slowing down, continuing to churn around the SX circuit with absolutely no regard for anyone else. Flying high at times, the way he would land within transition and speed, propelled him past that of Brock Lassiter for second. Now, with Clough, Reyes, and Lassiter battling with fury, it was anyone’s guess as to whom would exhale with victory. Larry Reyes secured the checkered flag with a heroic effort, while Lassiter was nestled into second, and Clough, rounding out the podium. For the second rendition, Daxton Bennick put his KTM to the front of the field immediately; with Gage Linville and Luca Marsalisi in tow. The Kawasaki rider (Marsalisi) appeared to be the strongest of the pack, although Gage Linville enacted the quickest circuit time. Marsalisi stayed persistent, while both he and the 402 machine overtook Daxton Bennick. Never one to settle, Marsalisi continued to climb, imposing his will on the Georgian, and grabbing the win in the final moments. Anticipation would build, until a climax of sorts for the 250 B Limited main. Jayden Clough, presented a starting technique that gleamed excellency. Every portion of the initial run, including both clutch release and first turn rounding, was showcased with a championship charisma. The forty-five machine appeared to have the win secured, until Gage Linville, volleyed forward with pure force. Linville would cross the line, stoked as one could imagine...until a bit of deterrent would be cast his way. Clough, capitalizing on the opportunity, would be granted the championship; rightfully earned, etched in the history books forever.