2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage



Years ago, many in the industry would credit the 250 B Stock (now, “Limited” division), as the pool in which riders would be plucked. Names like Webb, McElrath, among a myriad of others, had found success before departing into the bright lights of Supercross...yet now, it seems as though the pendulum has swung into the favor of the “250 B” class...littered with bikes that relished in modified parts. Gage Linville, Nick Romano, and Brandon Ray, were just a few respective athletes that tossed their name into the hat of aspiring winners, creating a baffling sequence of racing action that had the crowd stunned in bewilderment. Heart rates were rampant as engines fired before the embarking of the first moto’s, the field split into pieces to accommodate the vast overflow of the crowd. With some forty members of the 250 B battalion funneling into the opening sequences (throughout two heats), mechanics would be engulfed in soil vaulted from their rear tire. Scrubbing as many doubles as possible, Gage Linville would blitz his way into the lead. Foreshadowing moments of the main event, the 402 machine attempted to gravitate further and further away from the field. One tool in his arsenal of tricks would be imminent charging speed. Barreling into corners (both berms, and grooves) it was as though Linville’s pattern of infiltration would span a half-second greater, in every turn, in comparison to a majority of the competition. He appeared to be in another tier, against all except Nick Romano. The Star Racing Yamaha rider would attempt to overcome the Georgia resident; coming eerily close on the final circuit. Yet, Gage garnered enough momentum to secure victory, rolling into the runoff with abundant confidence. In the moments to follow, the second half of the field would storm from the gate; Gavin Towers, making the Kawasaki brand proud with his outright speed. His speed from the Supermini machine transcended well onto the 250F, as he embodied the necessary characteristics to win this decisively. Daxton Bennick would storm to second, with Talon Hawkins, garnering third. For the runoff sector of festivities, Gavin Towers would execute a flawless start, and force the adjacent competition to rise to the occasion. Nine laps would be granted to his streak of victory, all the while, Gage Linville had been charging with a fury throughout the pack. Still finding ways to pass, although he had etched his way into podium contention, he would still manage to volley his way forward. Third became second, and with only one circuit to go, he proceeded to expend all of his energy. With the heart-rate spiking, Linville remained diligent, doing enough to work his way around Towers in the closing moments! Winning victoriously, Linville’s victory of Towers and Talon Hawkins, was most certainly one of remembrance.