2020 Mini O’s Amateur Coverage

EVAN FERRY - 125 (12-17) B/C


A relatively new division, regarding the grand scheme of amateur racing, the 125cc (12-17) B/C group offered an abundance of high-flying action throughout the week. Situated across multiple formats, these competitors had received oodles of track time, as the conclusion of the 2020 National Championship approached. Meanwhile, each time the specific starting gate would rise, names like Haiden Deegan, Evan Ferry, and an absolute onslaught of others were eagerly awaiting an opportunity to capture the throne. As all would click into second-gear, they then barreled into the opening bend; numerous instances of bar banging occurring in the meantime. This would be a battle of attrition, as several laps would offer countless opportunities for mistakes to be made. Both willpower and immense focus were demonstrated, by that of the front-runners; chipping away at the checkered flag that loomed. And when examining the heat races in a specific regard, the first qualification bout would be showcased by none other than Haiden Deegan; the newfound 125cc transplant, who looked extremely comfortable aboard the larger-wheeled chassis. He and Noah Smerdon would scrape shrouds, per se, going back and forth over a series of laps during the middle of the event. With Brock Walker in second, the trio of KTM’s were riding exceptionally well to lead the field around, as things heated up on the white flag circuit. As all would conclude, timing and scoring would list Smerdon as heat winner, with Brock Walker second, and Deegan concluding the top three. On deck, were names such as Evan Ferry, Bryce Shelly, and Justin Allen. The three, obviously top-notch by all accounts, took things to another level to begin this Thanksgiving week extravaganza. Ferry immediately cast a spectacular one minute, three-second circuit time, forcing the adjacent competition to rise if they hoped to stay afloat. Bryce Shelly would do so, matching the aforementioned registry on lap four, as they both sprinted toward the checkered. Ferry’s abilities on the bike had truly heightened over the years, and he seemed to be executing at a higher level of riding than ever before. He would do enough to take the win, followed by Shelly and Allen at the line. The overwhelming sound(s) of 2-stroke motorcycles, coupled with clouds of exhaust fume would engulf the starting area...where Ferry would again emerge as the man to beat. Consistent lap-times, throughout the seven-lap brigade, were what cast his presence above the majority of others. He wouldn’t fade, despite a ton of competition looming in the background. Sleek scrubs and a bit of style were exemplified, with Bryce Shelly and Logan Best following in tandem. One final circuit would indicate that Ferry had accumulated a spectacular championship run, filled with gratitude for the industry to take note of.