The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020



One of the fastest divisions throughout the event was that of the Women (12+) Amateur class. Names from around the country would align centerstage, looking to compete on the notorious Ponca City course. The track had been groomed to the utmost degree, clods of moist clay waiting to be decimated by the tires of all. They were one of the first to hit the circuit for moto number one after certain sections had been manicured for ultimate speed. And it was none other than Jordan Jarvis, seeking the checkered flag in front of everyone. Jarvis, if you may not know, has competed in many professional motocross events...making the last few main events to be exact! An astonishing feat by all accounts, she proceeded to bring that same momentum into the race of Ponca City. Greeted by combatants like Tayler Allred and Katie Benson, the top three would surge forward when barreling past the green flag. They all seemed to choose lines, with differing takes on the outside, inside, and middle of the roughening course. Once into a specific groove, they knew they must stay sharp and quick-witted; otherwise, a disastrous crash could ensue. Luckily, despite the valiant pace presented, all seemed to fare well and stay on two wheels, making for a rather astonishing finish by the end of the four-lap brigade. Jarvis’ experience was something that couldn’t be mistaken, and lead her well, on the way to victory. Meanwhile, Allred would uphold her rightful position in the second place category, and Katie Benson was designated third. All women were beyond respectful once the moto had ended, wishing one another the best of luck before heading back to their pit areas. Once here, a blueprint of racing algorithms would be processed, and pathways were mapped out before the commencement of round number two. Allred would then, execute a sensational start for this particular platform, taking the first lap lead with poise and charisma. Just behind, was that of both Katie Benson and Jordan Jarvis. The trio was inseparable, literally mirroring one another around all territories of the racing surface. Scrubbing the largest of anthills, a stylish kick would be executed by Allred as the white flag came to fruition. Benson and Jarvis again, followed in that manner; pegging the throttle of their respective machines to the utmost degree. However, once all was said and done, it was Allred obtaining both the moto victory and overall championship! Jarvis would execute a flawless moto for second on the results sheet, while Katie Benson, resided third.