The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 450 B LIMITED -

Thirty-plus riders were eyeing the podium, as they strolled through the pit area. That respected “box,” was a sign of accomplishment, achievement, and aspiration. It embodied hard-work and dedication and was symbolic of all the practicing efforts they’d accrued in the weeks prior. Therefore, it was now time to put the racing notion into motion, with the commencement of the first moto. Upshifting into second gear, hole-shot devices were engaged as the gate would rise. Elbows were high, and immediately, they spun to a perpendicular degree, doing all in their power to clinch the rights of the first turn. Marsalisi wasted no time in asserting himself as the man in charge, dictating speeds that were unfathomable to many. However, he and Ryder DiFrancesco would begin to joust as the laps would accumulate. Both had their stronger sides of the racing surface, each gaining and relinquishing time, respectively. Matters appeared to fall in favor of the twenty-three machine as the clock winded down though, with the lead being overtaken by the Californian on lap five! However, an unfortunate mistake would cost him dearly, pushing him to a subsequent “DNF.” Although a bit bummed, on behalf of not finishing the battle, Marsalisi would rise to the occasion, keeping his Kawasaki machine firing on all cylinders as the checkered flag near. Through the in-field sector one final time, he made sure to execute tasks diligently when the ruts were deepest. Throughout these switchbacks, the lines had begun to be pushed from inside out...with a few grooves of deception littered throughout the bunch. However, with the canny wit presented by the Cairo, Georgia resident, Marsalisi held the badge of honor with pride, crossing the finish line with a congratulatory fist pump. Everyone on the line was eager for the second bout, and Marsalisi appeared more ready than ever. You could sense the determination in his riding style, maliciously scrubbing the chassis every which way as he pummeled the bike with his rear tire tread. Wheel-tapping rollers of various sorts, the momentum he possessed around the outskirt of the racing layout was astonishing; yet, Ryder DiFrancesco looked to latch on with certainty. It was a battle amongst Kawasaki’s for this particular race, “East Coast vs West Coast,” if you will. Who would prevail? Well, with heaps of energy outpoured into the Oklahoma soil, Marsalisi would be bestowed the crown of champion, doing so, with a one-one spectacle. Brock Lassiter and Eddie Norred meanwhile, would present a rather splendid course of action themselves, claiming second and third.