The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 65CC OPEN (7-11) -

With this particular division spanning from seven, to eleven years old, a wide variety of experience levels were warranted as the pack lined the gates. All were on this quest of athletic competition to have fun, yet there were those few, eyeing the golden relic that stood at the finish line. Too many names were registered, for only one gate drop to occur; therefore, a series of heats would take place. First on the docket, was a sector where riders like Canyon Richards, Austin Camden, and Kane Bollasina looked to engage in a Battle Royale, with a limited ruleset. Each rider would race in a sportsmanlike manner, showing courtesy; albeit, at speeds greater than thirty mph! Camden, looked to be the man to beat in the beginning, presenting a pace of ascension until the halfway mark. Canyon Richards though was having none of it; keeping wraths of fury bottled-up, yearning to unleash the aggression on the pack around him. He would make the move for the lead, with only one lap to go, truly pressing forward as time winded down. Kane Bollasina, residing third, knew that staying planted in podium territory was critical as well. With the referee dictating the course of action, Richards, Camden, and Bollasina would be signified of their position(s) on the leaderboard of finality. For the second round, it was Kannon Hargrove carving lines that weren’t often seen. Unorthodox as one could imagine, he managed to piece the Ponca circuit together with bundles of speed and style. Few could match the times he presented, however, some riders attempted to do so. Ryder Ellis, and Aidan Zingg kept him honest; staying aligned with the thirty-seven machine from start to finish. Pulling into their respective pit areas, they would be welcomed and presented on their final listing: Hargrove with the win, Ellis claiming runner-up, and Aidan Zingg rounding out the podium. For the final merging of the pack, it was Hargrove presenting an alpha-like demeanor. Running numerous outside lines, he would venture to take the road less traveled...only to gain substantial action as he exited the respective corners. Keeping one finger on the clutch, a slight tapping of the lever would be all that was needed to shift through the gearbox; saving valuable time, ahead of Canyon Richards and Mavrik behind them. With a spectacular ride by all, the lasting results of the moto would be garnered as follows. And with Hargrove as champion, the only rearranging to the podium overall score would be by way of Austin Camden; sporting a (two-four) effort, to claim third, while Canyon Richards secured second.