The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020



Arguably the newest class on the amateur circuit, the “E-Bike” Mini division was one that would be packed full of excitement. Riders full of youth and energy, anxiously awaiting to showcase their skills on the national scale. This layout was promising, yet safe; providing obstacles for an array of skills and ages, and something that these young competitors could enjoy. And as many other classes previously discussed, the rider entry list reached well into double digits; with numerous on the line, in contention for a marvelous win. The festivities would begin with the first moto of action, with Jaydin Smart vying toward the lead. However, the quest wouldn’t be as easy as he had hoped, where competitors such as Gavin McCoy and Jeter Ramirez lurked in the distance. At any moment, the race lead could change hands, making everyone on the sidelines a little on edge, due to the excitement that had erupted. Two and three wide, these bikes had the velocity to launch well into the Oklahoma skyline; revving the throttle as hard as possible, before relocating to the ground. And this class, in particular, would run a rather long span; five laps, to be exact. It would be a test of both attention and attrition, as racers focused on the task ahead. McCoy moved into the lead, being rather transparent with his riding style. He wasn’t discreet in the slightest, running numerous insides to disrupt the momentum of Jaydin Smart. The number four machine of Smart would be extravagant with his riding style, whipping, and scrubbing with every ounce of energy he could generate. It would boil down to the final few circuits where a mere flag would be a distinction of one lap to go, and exiting the premises. Smart at this point, clicked the machine well into another realm; doing what was necessary, to make the pass! Taking the moto victory, it would be Smart in the driver’s seat, Mccoy just behind, and Ramirez holding onto third. McCoy, hours later, would nail the starting sequence to begin the second moto. All of these riders were demonstrating an admirable pace, with Smart throwing his name into the hat as well. Kade Nightingale, a victim of troublesome luck in the first race, would enter the equation too; doing all in his power, to run away with the victory. He would eventually do so, taking the moto win in stellar fashion. Though, overall, it would reside in the hands of both McCoy and Smart. McCoy’s finish of second would be enough to be crowned champion! While Smart’s (one-three), would edge Nightingale’s tab of (five-one) for third overall.