The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 65CC (7-9) LIMITED -

Do not be fooled, as the “stock” 65cc machine of 2020, is light years ahead of production categorization some ten years ago. These bikes would embody the most intricate technology, with a chassis and frame that were more durable than ever. Of course, the bikes had to withstand rampant forces, as competitors like Ryder Ellis and Christopher Harris were taking them to the brink of disaster. Mechanics of all levels at the Ponca City event would have to take notice; watching a spectacle unravel before their eyes. The mantra would continue well into the opening heat race of 65cc (7-9) Limited competition; where the number 877 machine of Ryder Ellis appeared to be the man to beat. Hitting every groove in which he desired, the amount of marksmanship he displayed was truly remarkable as he barreled to the checkered flag. Gage Dunham, riding with substantial effort in the second-place category, would keep him honest for quite some time; running very similar lap-times, throughout the rest of the moto. Brody Moss was handling matters of his own in third, doing what was necessary, to bring immense pride to his supporting cast. The previously discussed order would cross the stripe in that line of action as well, as attention was then cast to the gate yet again. Once more, a third of the field would generate immense esteem while flying into turn number one. Much of the flock had nearly come to a halt on the inside, yet Mavrik Gish and Christopher Harris would manage to finagle their way through it. The speed these riders presented, was simply atrocious; pinning the motorcycle in the range of fifth gear, while flying down the far-side straightaway. The crowd on the fence line(s), would even begin to duck as well; in fear of being struck by a speeding pellet, projected from their rear wheel. Although nothing of the sort would occur, the rest of the pack would be on standby as Harris, Gish, and Justin Shuff crossed the finish line. And for the concluding bout, Tayce Morgan bypassed the green flag with the field mere feet behind him. He wouldn’t wither though, even as Wyatt Duff and Jackson McCarty flocked near. The trio would quarrel for the duration of the moto, and as action ceased from the five-lap tenure, the running order would be tabbed as Wyatt Duff, Morgan, and McCarty, respectively. With three different riders then carrying a “one” of numerical classification into the finale, the betting odds were listed as “even,” when the gate fell. Ellis, Harris, and Dunham were buried; forced to claw their way through a feverish pack, that was rather stingy with their position(s). Each rider in the field displayed a tenacious style, running their 65cc machines to maximum capacity. However, when the ten-minute mark would roughly present itself, it would be Ryder Ellis, Christopher Harris, and Gage Dunham positioned across the award stage; with Ellis, presented with the gold medal.