The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 65CC (7-9) -

With many of these competitors recently transitioning from 50cc machines, the division was truly wide-open, regarding whom would take the overall championship. Much of this playing field were encountering one another for the first time, and aboard new steeds as well for that matter. It would all be unveiled as well, on an immaculate Ponca City racecourse; where champions from decades ago had blossomed, and the streak of legacy would most certainly continue after this late October weekend. Crafting a rather strong start to begin the first moto, was that of Ryder Ellis. Putting the Kawasaki brand on his back, per se, Ellis would launch over the largest of tabletops and doubles with the throttle pinned in the air. Upon landing, the rear wheel would be spinning in a rampant manner, hoping to latch onto portions of soil that were begging for traction. The process continued, throughout five laps; where Ellis would enact the strongest time of the moto on lap two. Continuing to focus on what was ahead, rather than behind, the rest of the field was forced to oblige. Respectful in all his racing endeavors, this particular episode was no different. Ellis would win the moto, with Christopher Harris and Jackson McCarty trailing closely. For the other half of the race listing, it was Golden, Colorado’s Gage Dunham looking to make his way forward early. With a full stack of tear-offs, he was fortunate, in the sense that he kept the majority of film accumulated. Meanwhile, that of Mavrick Gish would have to spare his vision to chase the checkered flag. Gish was all over Dunham, barely allowing the KTM machine any room to breathe. Interlocked throughout the entirety of the four-lap brigade, much of the attention had been focused on that particular tandem. Although the fastest lap of the race, would be displayed by none other than Tayce Morgan; holding strong in third, as the score was settled: Dunham, Gish, and Morgan, in that order. As both sides of the field had then congregated as a specific unit, it was Oklahoma’s Gish quickly on the move. However, Gage Dunham yearned to break away from the field with a stellar hole-shot. And you couldn’t forget to include the stunning, Christopher Harris into the mix, a rider who exemplified pure courageousness and startling sprint speed. Every lap, the three would swap, forcing the timing and scoring monitors to work into a period of “overdrive” if you will. Although little dust would be presented on the racing surface when the faint cloud did settle, the overall would be presented with Gish as the champion, Chris Harris in the runner-up position, and Gage Dunham, hoisting the bronze.