The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 250 C LIMITED -

One name that was tirelessly repeated throughout the P.A. system, was that of Garrett Alumbaugh. The Texan had driven to the North, stopping here in Ponca City to declare domination on the novice divisions. Looking to attend a myriad of racing classes, he made every trek to the starting line well worth it; and the story was no different for the 250 C Limited class. Brands of all kinds were lined against one another, each manufacturer viewing with anticipation to see how well their bikes would endure. Forty-two riders would secure each slot in a longitude-type manner; all scouring the start straight away, for a rightful position in turn number one. Alumbaugh, riding with a merciless style, crafted a picturesque arc throughout the opening sequences; generating a few bike-lengths of breathing room, long before the field leaped over the green flag. He continued to do what was necessary, to keep the race lead intact. The mental checklist, “Staying upright, looking ahead, and relaxing his grip,” were all sound messages that ruminated throughout the thought process. Getting the “All Clear” from his mechanic, he would set sail to the wind while the clock neared the eight-minute mark. He’d done it, yet again, securing a rightful victory within his grasp. Meanwhile, Polini Francisco, and Demetre Proutsos would claim the second and third positions. Hours would lapse before the grid was loaded, giving the field time to devise a plan, hoping to overthrow the reign established by Alumbaugh. And as the gates would rise, all would bow their head while staring at the metal bracket beneath them. In a matter of seconds, forty-two steel beams would slam into the ground, and Alumbaugh’s wheels would power over it. In that short period, he would vault toward the rear fender, hoping to acquire as much traction to the rear end as possible; equating to more speed, before slamming on the rear brake mechanism. The practice would work, as he again led the field around. Presenting a one minute, forty-nine second circuit time on lap two, the width between he and Polini Francisco would greatly lengthen. The fight of the forty-one riders behind would never end; no matter the mountain ahead (otherwise known, as Garrett Alumbaugh). Many would try, but they couldn’t seem to tackle the summit, engraved by the number seventeen machine. A championship was then bestowed to him, with Proutsous and Francisco in tow.