The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 250 B LIMITED -

The 250 B “Stock” class, (deviating from the original category), was a place where intermediate competitors would battle one another aboard machines straight off the showroom floor. Although the modified engine and complimentary parts package would aid in overall speed and horsepower, there was something to be said about a rider who could win a specific class, where the playing field was equal. And as the gate was loaded for moto number one, that’s exactly what riders like Brandon Ray wanted to do. It would be the previously noted Husqvarna leading the pack around, igniting a trail of flame from his exhaust while scurrying around the Ponca City circuit. These guys were riding their machines to an absurd degree, flinging the bike every which way to shave even a millisecond off their total time. All fine-tuned details would be cast into the open frontier, as the pack sprinted through harsh terrain. There were times, when both Ray and Ryder DiFrancesco (second), would be plagued by a bit of “head-shake.” The bars would slap from side to side, the clamps jarring with vicious intensity. Yet, with their strength and outright willpower, they managed to hold on; creating a sense of speed that couldn’t be replicated throughout the entire event. Ryder was keeping that of Ray very honest at the front of the field, the two managing to stretch their gap to a hefty margin before the white flag being thrown. Yet still, that of Kyle Smith and Brock Lassiter continued to push the envelope as well. Following the conclusion of the five-lap tenure, the timing and scoring monitor would indicate just how fast Brandon Ray was riding; with a superb showing of victory, while Ryder D took the silver medal slot, and Kyle Smith, third. They would initiate matters yet again for this final showcase, this time, with Daxton Bennick throwing his name into the hat. He had the throttle floored, keeping the KTM locomotive beneath him driving to a daunting degree. The number 241 would hardly accumulate any dirt on the front number plate, indicative of how fast he was going, never allowing anyone in front of his steed. And although his first moto finish would hamper him from an overall crown, he still managed to drive to the checkered flag with authority. At the same time, Brandon Ray and Jayden Clough battled over the second position. It was Ray, completing the obligatory tasks for the outright victory, with Kyle Smith’s astounding efforts generating a second overall. And Clough’s superb performance in the last moto, would grant him third overall.