The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 65CC (10-11) -

With Florida now touted as the “hotbed” of American motocross, established residents of the Sunshine State are becoming a bit disgruntled as many have ventured in. Local tracks have shifted to an overflow of traffic, training facilities popping up every which way...there were few in the sport doing it the old fashioned way, sticking to their roots, and being groomed in their initial residency if you will. Jonathan Getz though, was one who’d called Florida home for quite some time now; becoming established and acclimated, to the “habitat of humidity.” He throve when the going got tough, and the conditions were rugged; understanding, that each second he managed to stay within the battle, the sweeter the victory would come when the test mattered. Nothing was wrong with the transcending of the sport in the slightest, it was just a testament to those staying local, and creating a sense of notoriety in grounds they were familiar with. The tale of the tape though, for this respective Ponca City event, would come during the first moto; where he would be greeted by the NorthEastern prospect of Canyon Richards, who excelled on the Yamaha. Although they both had grown up riding sand tracks, they somehow would meet in the middle of the United States for this particular occasion. And in the Sooner State, the dirt would appear much more gritty and tacky, creating dozens of ruts in particular sections. Yet riders of their magnitude would find a way to excel; regardless of the platform in which they met. They held down the first few positions on the grid, going toe to toe as they raced under the “Grit Moto” catwalk. Barreling into the following right-hander, Getz had a sensational line on the inside; managing to shut the door on Richards time and time again, before the race’s conclusion. Sporting a one-two effort, Getz’ moto victory would have him gleaming with excitement, as the tandem barely edged Austin Camden in third. They looked to repeat that same manner of race-craft, yet this time, Richards would be bestowed the lead in the initial moments. Doing what was necessary to fend off Getz, the Husqvarna pilot would wiggle the smallest of seams on lap two, taking the lead in the meantime. Continuing that mantra through the last two circuits, Richards would set the fastest circuit on lap four. Nevertheless, the fortitude of Getz would hold; taking both the moto victory and overall championship. Richards’ (two-two) effort put him into second, and Brody Barth’s courageous feat of (six-three), penciled him into the third-place registry.