The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- SUPERMINI 2 (13-16) -

Venturing into the Supermini division, is quite the daunting task for mini-cycle riders of 85cc distinction. Transitioning from the 65cc machine into that realm of competition (via 9-11 classification) just a few short years ago, another leap is then placed upon them, when launching into the aforementioned Supermini atmosphere. It can be a perpetuated process, where the strongest survive...foreshadowing what was seen here, in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The gate was full of prospects, numerous athletes eager to contend amongst the top in the nation; and it would all unravel, following the initial gate falling. Adler Caudle truly rose to the occasion, putting a definitive stamp on the class behind him via a hefty first-lap lead. The number eighty-six was flying around the notorious circuit, garnering all sorts of attention with the ringing of his 85cc motor. Just behind him, was none other than Haiden Deegan; a phenom looking to again, add a significant title to his already surplus resume. Caudle withstood the charge, running a series of inside lines around the raceway, creating a blockade of sorts for those behind. Passing the halfway point, Caudle would hold strong; keeping the field behind them on their toes, with the absurd pace he constructed. Deegan would gravitate closer and closer to the rear fender of Caudle, making up substantial ground in the series of ninety-degree turns on the backside. One final effort would be broadcasted on lap four, where Deegan would house the fastest time of the moto. Yet, it was to no avail, and Caudle would do what was necessary to obtain victory! And with Collin Allen third, the brainstorming of scenarios would begin to domino before the inception of the second round. Allen, for the following bout, took the green flag in stride; feeding off the crowd around him, and upping the pace as necessary. Flying throughout the series of infield obstacles, a subtle pushing down of the suspension would keep him much lower than his counterparts. Deegan, as poised as ever, would lurk in the shadows until it was time to pounce. Overtaking the lead with one, swift push, Haiden’s efforts would transcend his standing to the lead for one final go-around. Securing victory with a steady aim for the checkered flag, Collin Allen finished second, along with Nate Freehill, third. And for overall formatting, the results sheet remained the same; touting Deegan, as the champion of the division.