The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 51CC Open -

The number “00” machine, could most certainly swap his trademarked digit, for that of an “11” notion, after his astonishing performance in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The young man from the West Coast would exclaim numerous victories, en route through this newfound MotoPlayground facility. It was as though each time his wheels hit the racecourse, the tread would dig deep, well into a pot of gold, per se. One championship wasn’t enough, and he had his eyes cast on the checkered flag of the 51cc Open division; where an absolute plethora of riders would await him. He salivated at the green flag, looking to devour the circuit in which he raced on. Turns would be decimated, jumps would be flown over, all the while the throttle of the 50cc machine remained steady. Taking a notable victory for heat number one, he would then wait along the sidelines to see whom would join him on the main event starting line. Riders like Brayton Kreglow, Jackson Vick, and Eidan Steinbrecher, all cast their bid for a stellar gate pick in the race to come; hoping to box in the aspirations of Karvasek, and leave him contained while they sprinted away. However, nothing of the sort would occur, as the first circuit of action commenced for the runoff spectacle. Bikes were launching around this circuit, swapping from side to side as they charged through the immense braking bumps. Karvasek, was standing tall amid a sea of riders who stayed glued to the seat; hoping, to be efficient in this stylistic process, as he progressed further and further to the checkered flag. Mechanic’s of other riders would magnify his every move, their jaw(s) dropping as he swept past the paddock. The pure rolling speed in which he portrayed, was impeccable; continuing momentum in places where some racers would halt to a complete standstill. Kreglow and Steinbrecher were fighting amongst themselves, hoping to derail the momentum of Karvasek. Bucky was having none of it though, creating a masterpiece of sorts as he pieced laps together in bundles. By the time the white flag was thrown, a three-second lead had been established. Although relatively small when viewing the bigger picture, it was enough to allow substantial breathing room as the “00” scurried across the finish line. Taking yet another championship, again Kreglow and Steinbrecher would follow him in gratifying performances for the finality of the record book.