The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 51CC (7-8) LIMITED -

Fumes of exhaust smoke would engulf the starting area, for many it would be hard to breathe. However, those who loved the sport in its entirety, would welcome the aroma...where it was indicative of a particular racing genre and a sport they loved to encompass. Numerous Cobra and KTM machines would be staggered along the starting line, riders nodding their head(s) as the gate was about to drop. And with one swift moment of action, the field would barrel into the first turn; rear brakes dragging, pivoting around the inside marker. For this particular heat race, it would be Bucky Karvasek just behind Cohen Chilton. Chilton, hailing from Missouri, was rather familiar with this sort of soil composition; choosing a rear tire that he felt allowed him the greatest advantage over the rest of the competition. He would hold strong to that notion, creatively blending lines with an arcing sensation. However, no matter what sort of picture he painted, he couldn’t seem to shake that of Bucky Karvasek. The Californian had traveled too far to not exemplify his best effort, so he would “buckle down” (no pun intended). In the corners leading to the finish line, Karvasek managed to finagle a pathway that hit consecutive outsides. Albeit, not the very outskirt of the perimeter, but rather sleek grooves just off the centerline. Although a bit abstract, he managed to sneak his way into the lead; taking over the position, on lap three. An unfortunate mistake would occur on behalf of Chilton (now sixth) leaving Bucky to inherit the top spot. With Gauge Brown now second, and Eidan Steinbrecher third, the top three were rather compact at the the tale then led to heat two. Brayton Kreglow, for the second sector, would waste no time pushing his machine into the lead. Holding down the first-place position, he continued to thrive while being chased by Bode Bradford. Jackson Vick too was a rider that couldn’t be mistaken; pushing a pace of brilliance in third. Finishing in the previously noted order, the field would look to mesh, for that of the runoff as well. Sawyer Gieck would claim the lead to begin matters, yet Steinbrecher and Karvasek were quick to hound him for the particular prized possession (otherwise known as first place). All riders in the vicinity of the lead were running rampant, hurling both bike and body toward the checkered flag. Ruts would be fought over, as the roar of 50cc engines nearly deafened all around. As the cloud of dust settled, and the battle was raged, it would be Karvasek moving into the lead once and for all; taking an overall victory to his name, followed by Brayton Kreglow and Eidan Steinbrecher, respectively.