The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020



With KTM’s, Cobra’s, and Yamaha’s filling the statistics sheet on this particular occasion, there was a myriad of contenders deemed eligible for overall victory, before moto number one. Numerous riders that had entered, were of tremendous talent; it was just a matter of putting their nose to the grindstone, riding to the best of their abilities throughout the weekend. As the green flag would wave to all in attendance, it was that of Levi Rains aspiring to pull away from the field. He and Gavyn Welzien were fender to fender, challenging one another through periods of prolonged throttle twisting and minimal stopping power. Who would give in? Neither, to be honest; as all within the field were putting on a clinic for the fans in the stands, providing astonishing effort time and time again. Rains and Welzien would shuffle amongst themselves for quite some time, until an unfortunate mistake on behalf of Gavyn, would put Rains into the lead for the finality. Portraying the strongest circuit time in the process, it was Missouri’s Rains who held strong throughout the five-lap course of events. His lead had grown to over twenty-seconds, with Bensyn Levan running strong in the runner-up position. The battling within the top five was fierce, and at times, created disadvantageous circumstances for those involved. They were so consumed with besting one another, that their overall pace was a bit hampered. Yet, the racing action was a true spectacle for all to see, with Rains, Levan, and Labeau concluding matters in the top three. The second rendition was vastly different regarding the running order of the first ten riders. Competitors were shuffled every which way, and it appeared as though the top ten were neck and neck. Levi Rains, again, secured a stellar starting position; by maneuvering and volleying the bike around, to an extent of professionalism. He could feel that of Welzien upon him, yet he would do his best to fend off the Floridian. Being pushed to second, although with astonishing effort, it was now time for Welzien to storm toward the checkered flag. Creating a masterful run in his own right, he would do what was necessary to alleviate his position from the first moto. Bensyn Levan, putting on a “clinic” of consistency, would again ride with outright power in second. And as the final flag would wave, the engines came to a halt around the podium. Informed on their overall standing, it was Levan’s scores of (two-two) pushing his machine atop the leaderboard! Meanwhile both other riders in the top three, (Rains second, and Welzien, third), would be congratulatory of one another, looking forward to the next opportunity of competition.