The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020



With the summer months now coming to pass, the ideology of Loretta Lynn’s, Mammoth Mountain, and other notable events have been placed within the rearview. However, with ample opportunity for both the present and time ahead, many in the Open Pro Sport class sought eye-opening performances to garner serious attention. Enter Matthew LeBlanc, a rider who surged to a tremendous magnitude at the amateur national in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Adequately prepared through a tiresome training regimen, the hard work would certainly pay-off throughout six motos. Winning two championships in totality, LeBlanc and his accompanying Yamaha crew looked forward to the MotoPlayground race at Ponca City; knowing that there was ample competition, but welcoming the notion with open arms. For the first race of the division, it was Levi Kitchen nailing the starting sequence, and continuing to reign through the greater portion of the moto. The number 147 machine was flawless throughout the fresh Oklahoma terrain, remaining rather unblemished as he whisked the chassis every which way. Riding the machine in a rather tall gear, the amount of RPM he generated wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Almost racing in a lull of sorts, the power he presented was beyond ample; holding strong in the lead until the lap ten mark. However, an unfortunate mishap would derail his title aspirations, pushing both name and number into the “DNF” category. Meanwhile, then, Kaeden Amerine would be the fortunate recipient of Kitchen’s demise. Running strong in second, for the ten lap tenure, he inherited the lead and never glanced behind him. Although the speed of Matt LeBlanc was apparent, Amerine’s ability to stay the course would lend him well. As the thirty-two machine powered through the numerous right’s and left’s of the in-field, the moto victory was then within his grasp. Crossing the line in first, Amerine would lead LeBlanc and Carter Biese, to conclude racing implications. However, for the second rendition, LeBlanc would waste no time exclaiming his bold riding style around the Ponca City course. Aggressive in nature, his valiant scrubbing would have even riders behind him marveling, while wincing in fear. Throughout the course, LeBlanc’s aggression would remain consistent; meanwhile, Tommy Rios and Kaeden Amerine would be in a tussle amongst themselves. Although notable in their efforts, the period of stopping and starting would allow LeBlanc to run away. Taking the moto victory in a daunting manner, LeBlanc garnered both moto victory and overall. Amerine, doing what was necessary to take the second overall placement, would accumulate a (one-three) tally, while Tommy Rios landed in a third-place residency, via (five-two) numerical classification.