The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 51CC 4-6 LIMITED -

The hiss of Cobra machines would be ever apparent for the 51cc (4-6) Limited class, as riders and mechanics revved their engines to the highest limit, causing the chassis to shake rapidly with aggression. Riders from all areas of the United States would man their respective steeds, creating an atmosphere of aggression and determination before the gate dropping. With each helmet watching the soil just ahead, even the slightest wincing of the bracket would cause the throttle to be twisted. Jaydin Smart would hold the lead initially, bursting off the line and focusing on the green flag. Scrubbing through the finish-line area, roost would be thrown some thirty feet, as he scurried down the backside of numerous takeoff’s. Dragging the rear brake when necessary, he was able to pivot around the toughest of ruts; riding smooth and tranquil, rather than harsh and overzealous. An unfortunate mistake would occur on Smart’s behalf, with Nightingale then moving forward into the lead. Yet, the fight wasn’t over, the two then proceeding to run strong while chasing the checkered flag. Not to be forgotten, was that of Gavyn Welzien in third. The Floridian would keep adequate pressure on the top two athletes, concluding the trio of Cobra riders, that sat atop the leaderboard. Reverting to the battle previously discussed, Nightingale would have a surplus of pressure applied to his winning aspiration; by none other than, Jaydin Smart. The two would finish shroud to shroud, as Kade secured the checkered flag by a mere fender length! Smart, aggressive as one could be, would keep the second-place registry as motivation. And Welzien, was then tallied in third. They would meet again in the following hours, each rider in the field feeling as though they could contend for the overall. Just who was willing to push both mind and body to the limit? Numerous would raise their hands, but it was Smart and Nightingale again casting their almighty presence to the front of the field, forcing the rest of the pack to oblige. Kade would lead the first two laps, designated as “captain” of the class while numerous others attempted to erase his aspirations. Yet he was rather stingy, doing whatever he could to fend off the pack behind him, even if it meant riding a myriad of inside lines. However, the outlandish pace of Smart couldn’t be muffled; with Jaydin making the pass for the lead on lap four, and never looking back. Taking the overall with a valiant fist pump, Nightingale attained second with a proud persona; and Anderson Waldele, crafted a performance of third, with a noteworthy riding style.