The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- SUPERMINI 1 (12-15) -

Broken into halves, the Supermini divisions would be oozing with talent before the loading of the gate. All around the pit area, a panoramic view encompassed names like Deegan, Fappani, and Miller. The overflow of talent would most certainly trickle into spectacular racing implications, just as long as riders were willing to oblige with proper sportsmanship and etiquette. That line would be walked with a tip-toed pattern, as the racer’s viciously charged toward the checkered flag, beginning with the first heat. Haiden Deegan’s skillset was shown to the fullest extent, by the time the opening circuit had concluded. Launching over the in-field triple, he would apply both front and rear brake as he hopped into the adjacent left-handed corner. Continuing to pack a swift wave of momentum, his lead would exponentially grow, over that of Collin Allen. Deegan’s capabilities on this soil were endless, as his style flourished under the Oklahoma skyline. With a bit of moisture being provided by mother nature, the traction that had been fostered was beyond extravagant; and Haiden would make the most of it, pulling from the notorious Collin Allen behind him. A steady one-two punch of KTM’s, would be followed by a deafening knockout presented by Jordan Miller, holding strong for the Husqvarna squad. The top three would finish as previously stated, with only heat two, separating all from the main event. For the following round, it appeared to be Adler Caudle holding the torch for lap number one. Yet, an unfortunate incident would push him to the back of the field. And at that time, somehow, someway, Jeremy Fappani would leap from sixth, to first! In one lap! Unbelievably, he would manage to take the lead and never look back. Baffled but never one to back down, Dilon Blecha remains steady in second. Logan Lessar, charging harder than ever, would obtain third. It had then, boiled down to the runoff...where the toughest riders on the circuit would emerge. This six-lap expedition was a showcase of both talent and tenacity, where Haiden Deegan would flourish. Lap after lap, dominance would be poured from the KTM’s exhaust; spitting both fire and aggression in the vicinity of those who trailed him. This would last throughout the six-lap showcase, with Deegan putting his stake into the ground as “King.” Meanwhile, Arizona’s Fappani would ride tremendously to obtain second overall, and Jordan Miller’s consistent three-three scores secured the final step on the box.