The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 450 C -

The strongest power output of the novice division(s), would take place in the 450 C class. Although some in the crowd were curious to see how the combination of skill level and engine package would mesh together, riders on the starting line knew just how capable they were of excelling on this lavish Ponca City circuit. Practice went well for the vast majority, with the greater portion of riders heading to the start line relatively unscathed. Therefore, the first falling of the gate would be portrayed with both anticipation and aggression, as no rider would relinquish their position aimlessly. Hitting the green flag in stride, it was California’s Anthony Castaneda powering by the scorer’s tower. Obliterating the following right-handed sweeper, you could hear his motor revving to the highest extent, despite the surplus of power being generated by the flywheel. He was manhandling this machine, putting the chassis wherever he wanted to go, regardless of how many ruts were underneath him. Just behind him though, were a pack of rampant riders; feasting on the Oklahoma soil, and staying within striking distance throughout the ten-minute brigade. It would be Andrew Hutchins and Jacob Henry securing the final two spots of the top three, nipping at the heels of Castaneda, yet never doing enough to topple the Yamaha rider. Anthony would continue to thrive as the track dried out, taking his California roots and applying them to the grounds in Ponca City. By the time the white flag had been thrown, the number eighteen machine had generated a twelve-second lead over second, and fourteen-second gap over third. Anthony clenched victory with certainty, taking the swagger back to his pit area, and looking forward to the following moto of competition. Things were a bit different for this particular occasion though, where Jacob Henry generated a start to muffle the aspirations of all. Consecutive one minute, fifty-five-second lap-times were phenomenal, keeping his lead steady over Castaneda in second. During that portion of time, the number eighteen machine in second would set the most notable registry of the moto; yet, wasn’t able to make an opportunistic pass stick to inherit the lead. Although, during this time, Castaneda would read an accumulation of overall scores on the pit-board. Configuring the mathematical algorithm, Anthony proceeded to “stay put” in the runner-up category if you will, while Henry chased the flag to moto victory. But with Castaneda second, and Andrew Hutchins third, the overall would be secured by the California rider. The 515 of Henry attained second on the final docket, and Hutchins’ 222 would be categorized in third.