The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020



Yet another class with nearly forty competitors on the grid, practice for the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited division, was a platform for riders to display their skills. Navigating through a sea of roughening “chop” and braking bumps, these athletes had to embody the notion of seeking the clearest pathway. Although at times, it may seem a bit disadvantageous, one would find that through thorough practice, the smoothest line would equate to the strongest of circuits. Relishing in the Ponca City loam would be riders like Anderson Waldele, and countless others. Yet for the stakes of moto number one, everyone understood that practice was an afterthought; and the laps following the gate drop were what truly mattered. Anderson Waldele, racing aboard a number 674 machine, would carve lines that were unforeseen by the vast majority of the crowd. Parker Labeau, running strong in second, would keep the Georgian honest throughout the roughly ten-minute tenure. Ruts were beginning to grow rather deep, and one might falter if a lapse of focus was enacted. However, nothing of the sort would occur, and as the pack began to be escorted off the circuit, timing and scoring would finalize the results once and for all. Waldele would be penciled into first, Parker Labeau second, Iowa’s Jacob Mariner residing third. Shortly thereafter, the mechanic’s of all parties would address and tinker on their machine(s); securing every nut and bolt possible, before these pilots launched into the stratosphere yet again. It was then, where the referee would sound the alarm for moto number two; and each competitor would man their battleship, before firing off from the starting area. Again, within the first few seconds of the competition, Waldele would take the lead. The top three at this point, was rather typical; Rian McDaniel and Mac Mermis residing fourth and fifth, respectively. Launching as many obstacles as possible, it was as though Waldele’s gap would increase as each minute passed. He was then ushered by his mechanic, who could be seen waving a towel along the sidelines; telling him to venture forward with all of his might. The encouragement would most certainly work, as Waldele only had one more lap to complete. Keeping the bike upright and steady, he crossed the checkered flag stripe with hands in the air; overwhelmed with excitement, as he secured the championship. Jacob Mariner and Levi Leddy, would ride splendidly as well, for both second and third overall.