The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 250 B -

Rewinding to Loretta Lynn’s just a few months ago, Luca Marsalisi become one of the hottest prospects at the ranch, after his run in the intermediate classes. Even charging from behind to take a moto victory, Luca proved his worth on arguably the toughest test on the national circuit. However, just beyond the famed and prestigious championship in Hurricane Mills, was that of the newfound MotoPlayground Race in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The Kawasaki competitor wanted to perform here as well, knowing that a powerful finish in the autumn months could be perceived rather strongly going into 2021. Therefore, he would engage and channel into a warrior-like stance on the starting line. Both feet touching the ground beneath him, the sternum over the bars, and elbows high with plenty of leverage. Immediately, once the gate would fall, so too would his bike vault forward. He contested the likes of Nick Romano, who immediately showcased as to why he’s one of the most sought out riders on the amateur circuit. However, they were both chasing the likes of Jett Reynold’s, the Bakersfield resident who seemingly caught fire as he’s made the transition to the full-sized machines as well. Reynold’s appeared to hold strong in the lead, despite a bit of trouble being encountered in the last few circuits. Now third, the battle would be left to both Marsalisi and Romano. The Yamaha combatant would do what was necessary to attain the win, with the seventy-two machine just behind. For the second portion of racing action, riders who had been seemingly touted as “the men to beat,” were now littered all over the board following the conclusion of lap one. Pile-ups and yellow flags of all sorts were waving through the air, and anyone who could make it through felt rather relieved to see the green flag. Marsalisi avoided damage, battling with Caden Braswell as things began to unfold. The number 222 machine wanted to make up for lost time, putting down a valiant pace to separate himself from the field. Luca remained grounded, understanding the ever-developing situation around him while the conclusion began to near. Nestled into second, they too would push forward ahead of Jordan Biese; while Romano and Reynolds were forced to navigate from outside the top ten. And as every engine would halt, and the final horn would sound, it was the consistency of Marsalil besting the efforts of all others. A two-two effort garnered him a spectacle of first, with Romano and Reynolds concluding the podium overall.