The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- GIRLS (9-13) -

Few riders on the national circuit can ever say they’ve partaken in a duplication effort of championships, yet riders like Kyleigh Stallings view the practice as rather ordinary. Entering a myriad of classes over the years, Stallings has faced an abundance of stellar competition. On the days she’s been beaten, she uses the events as opportunities for growth. And on the occasions in which she reigns victorious (more often than not), she relishes as she should, and moves forward, always looking to better herself. Much was the case for the (9-13) class, after she’d generated an admirable effort to accrue a previously noted championship on the weekend. Yet, up against competitors such as Hanna Trujillo and Layla Stephenson, the matter at hand would be no easy task. The courageousness these young women showed was truly astounding, with riders clearing jumps of all sizes while hitting mind-boggling speeds on the backside of the raceway. And for the first portion of racing action, it was that of Kyleigh Stallings looking to strive well into victory lane. Lap after lap, she continued to pursue only that of timing and scoring registry. Going onto set the fastest circuit on lap three, Lilly-Ann Pettus in second was doing all in her power to keep her within sight. Layla Stephenson as well was riding with esteem and swagger, while rounding out the top three. With Stallings garnering victory in a fashion of exclamation, few questions were left to be answered for the following bout. In between races, the track would be prepped to a vast degree; leaving many of these corners rather loamy, and giving the young women an opportunistic place to make lines. They all would take advantage, soaring into realms of speed that weren’t often warranted for bikes of this size. Stallings again would push the number twenty-one Husqvarna to an exceptional gap, ahead of Trujillo and Ingram as well. Kyleigh would find seams on the track that were rather narrow, and unbeknownst to many others, she competed against. She had been watching many in the intermediate and Pro-Am divisions compete all day, inscribing notes into her database of pathways. The practice would work rather well, pushing her to an outright one-one performance! Meanwhile, Hanna Trujillo would garner second overall, Layla Stephenson third, and Addison Ingram riding with enthusiasm for fourth. All in all, this class had broadcast exceptional effort for the entire event to see.