The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 450 B -

Seemingly growing-up before our eyes, Jett Reynolds is arguably one of the strongest riders on the circuit in modern-day amateur history. Awarded with dozens of plaques, championships, and medals of all kinds, he looked to continue on that same path for the conclusion of 2020. And what better place to do it, than here in Ponca City; where an immaculate track would be presented, along with challenging competition. Throughout practice, names were standing out such as Reynolds, Marsalisi, Braswell, and Stine, among a ton of others. Things like line choice and starts would be critical if one wanted to excel on this Ponca City track. Shortly after the conclusion of practice, the board would go sideways to begin matters for moto number one. Immediately, the battle between Reynolds, Romano, and Marsalisi would begin. The “Three Musketeers” if you will, were attempting to slice both tires and esteem of one another; block passing and brake checking through every sector on the racecourse. Yet they all managed to stay upright and afloat, running rampant until the checkered flag neared. Running below the one minute, forty-second mark, their pace was brilliant with ruts beginning to form on every inch of the racecourse. Long gone were the fluffy berms of practice, where once could bury the front end without consequence. Now, with these archaic trenches becoming rooted in the Oklahoma soil, disaster could strike if both the front and rear wheel weren’t aligned. Nothing of that nature appeared, and with the top three less than ten-seconds apart from one another, Reynolds, Romano, and Marsalisi were poised to configure the same battle yet again for round two. Just as he did in Tennessee, Marsalisi would rise to the occasion in Ponca; taking a moto victory when it was needed. Warranted after laps of admirable effort, he would “throw down” the fastest segment on lap three, never looking back in the meantime. Jett Reynolds, nor Caden Braswell, could contain the seventy-two machine out front; quarreling amongst themselves, and doing their best to climb up the leaderboard. As the laps would wind down, Marsalisi’s corner would ring out with applause, with a smile and excitement emerging from beneath his helmet too. And although he would come just short of the championship, Luca knew the effort he displayed was one of well-deserving notoriety. Reynolds, adding another championship to the mantle, would be coupled with Caden Braswell taking third for an admirable performance as well.