The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 250 C -

With an entry list that neared sixty competitors, the 250 C division would provide an abundance of talent from opposing ends of the spectrum. Some of these riders were rather seasoned in their quest to stardom; riding in the outing throughout the year, and preparing to leave when 2021 arose. Others, however, were just now entering the scope of practice, looking to acclimate themselves to a full-gate of competition. The spectacle was astonishing seeing riders disperse, yet there were a few names that stood out immediately. Dominic Butscher, Anthony Castaneda, and Shane Hamilton, were just a few who truly found their flow early on. Yet, in heat number one, it was none other than Demetre Proutsos doing what was necessary to garner the victory. Throwing the bike into an astronomical realm, he managed to still pull away from those behind him, by riding a bundle of inside lines. He seemed rather attached to the lead, relishing against those who chose to scrape from behind. Smooth and steady to the stripe, he would best exceptional riders like Raice Hernandez and Ryder Lenhart. The tale of the tape would continue well into round number two, where the previously noted Butscher was on rails throughout the in-field portion of the racecourse. Many of these sections, had small rollers just before the entry of the corner, almost forcing the riders to slow down and choose their lines accordingly. Yet Dominic wouldn’t abide, even upshifting before entering the sharpest of bends! A seemingly unknown tactic, he felt that by lugging the chassis around in a taller gear, not only could he carry speed better...but he would spare the vicious jarring of the subframe as well. The practice worked tremendously, keeping him ahead of Jacob Henry and Shane Hamilton at the line. As they all would congregate for the final segment, the field of forty-two would nearly come to a screeching halt in the first corner. Who would keep their momentum you asked? None other than Butscher, looking to sprint away from the field. He would terminate the inquiries of all who opposed, forcing them to oblige to his pace, or subsequently lose sight of the lead. Castaneda and Seth Billingsley would follow the Husqvarna combatant over the line, but as the final results were would be Butscher dominating the event in an outright manner; while Jacob Henry, and Raice Hernandez, took both second and third overall on the statistic sheet.