The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- COLLEGE BOY (18-24) -

Although still relatively new on the national circuit (roughly ten years or so), the College boy class had provided an abundance of opportunity for competitors in the (18-24) range. The particulars of the grouping have been toggled a few different times, but it appears as though the boundaries have been set, regarding skill level. Settling on an open division of sorts (any skill level), riders from the “C” to “A” classes can choose to compete under one particular banner; allowing battles of all types to ensue, in the forthcoming laps. Much was the same for this event in Ponca City, where 250F, 250 2-stroke, 350, and 450cc machines would congregate for a chance at taking a sought after championship. For this portion of racing action, it was that of Cody Groves turning heads while in front of the pack. It wasn’t coming easy though, as many of the off-cambered corners had now developed ruts some, one to two feet deep. He made sure to keep the inside boot high and above the ground beneath him, hoping to avoid a disastrous dragging of the toe and troublesome injury as well. Just behind him, Christopher Blackmer was running strong for the Husqvarna brand; traveling from Michigan to do so. Clayton Tucker and Drake Bailey would follow in accordance, setting up for the second moto of spectacularity. Hitting the finish line area one final time before the conclusion of the race, Groves would give a subtle fist pump to those in his corner; followed by Blackmer and Tucker, to conclude this individual outcome. Once everyone had a chance to regroup and readdress their particular issues (via bike and body energy levels), it was then time to expend their efforts again for the second moto. For this instance though, it was Gabriel Jairala doing what was necessary to secure the lead. He wanted to exemplify all in his skillset, in means of grabbing the win. Therefore, he would launch over the largest of singles and into flattening territory. Hitting the chicane after the finish line, he would bombard the accompanying roller section with the front wheel high; keeping the throttle pegged throughout the following right-hander as well. Bits of speed and shaved millisecond(s) would pay off in the meantime, putting a claim to victory while Eddie Norred, and Christopher Blackmer trailed. Blackmer’s consistency was what mattered most, holding strong above Jairala’s (five-one) score for a second, and Clayton Tucker riding admirably for third.