The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 250 PRO -

Just one notch below that of professionalism, and the brightest of television lights, that of the 250 Pro-Am division would again defy both, laws of logic and gravity at the 2020 MotoPlayground Race. Nearly every manufacturer had a steed in this fight if you will, leaving only mystery to loom at the finish line once the gate fell for moto number one. Anticipation and anxiousness would erupt from the starting gate as pins would unlatch, pushing those in the vicinity of the podium to a new level of competitiveness on their first go around. To be noted, this particular class would have a demonstration of elongated laps, in comparison to the others on the docket; truly, showcasing who was fittest in the transition to the next step of their careers. It was KTM’s Jack Chambers, one of the younger riders in the class, moving into the first-place residency rather quickly. And man did he cement his KTM machine into that spot with authority; fending off competitors of all facets, beyond the halfway point. Throwing roost in the direction of Matthew LeBlanc, the Yamaha rider had enough of the deterrent on lap eight; pushing past the 102 of Chambers while being pressured in his own right. Kitchen, building off of his stellar effort at Loretta Lynn’s, would face the foe of LeBlanc with absolute courageousness. The two were throwing significant combinations at each other, with a period of ducking and dodging being portrayed throughout the series of haymakers. Finally, LeBlanc would initiate a thwarting punch to end the round, leaving him on top, with Kitchen and Chambers concluding the top three. Once the bell would ring, it was the 147 machine leaping from the corner and into centerstage; welcoming the array of deception LeBlanc would cast at him. Configuring lines of wisdom, Kitchen appeared to be “one” with the bike. He held onto the chassis with a rather soft grip, flowing with both front fork and rear shock mechanisms with efficiency. LeBlanc at this point, when into a stealth-like militant spirit. Channeling the alpha-mentality that lurked, he attempted to pounce as the white flag neared. Holding strong in second, he even set the fastest lap time on the sixth circuit. It was to no avail though, as the resiliency of Levi Kitchen would hold strong. Taking the overall, Kitchen knew the second of LeBlanc, and third of Jack Chambers could most certainly happen again in the moto’s to come.