The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


85CC (9-12) MOD

Although relatively small in stature, these 85cc machines could be bored out, polished, and modified with high-priced parts to generate astounding speed. Few things were off-limits for this respective class, leaving no excuses to be said once racing action ceased. Everyone had the opportunity to seemingly run anything they wanted to, yet the same pack of riders would flock to the front. Kelana Humphrey, an absolute staple on the California motocross scene, had pushed the sixty-two machine into the lead. Being chased by none other than Landon Gibson and Drew Adams, the trio would expend nearly all of their energy in reckless pursuit of one another. Although it seemed counterintuitive, their pace would propel them forward against a large portion of the crowd. Continuing to fight with savagery, it appeared as though every particular pass on the track would be allowed; that is, with respectiveness of course. All sportsmanship would be displayed, despite a rare occurrence of bar-banging every so often. With the running order listed as Humphrey taking the victory, Gibson finishing second, and Adams planted in third, the only thing standing between them and the run-off was that of heat number two. Chance Lawton, hailing from a land far, far away (Rhode Island) would make the trip to Ponca City worthwhile. Blending a harmony of style and speed, the concoction would prove rather well over ten minutes of racing action. Cody Wells, traveling from nearby Wells, Texas, managed to keep Lawton as a rather imminent viewpoint as the laps would drag on. Robert Soucy too, an Oklahoma native in his regard, would ride rather well; rounding on the top three, With Lawton, Wells, and Soucy attaining strong gate picks, the only thing left to be run, was that of the main event. Bursting off the line, forty-two riders would dash through the first circuit; yellow flags flying every which way. All were seemingly okay and healthy, but with the valiant pace the pack was pushing, crashes were bound to happen. One man who managed to stay upright though, was that of Drew Adams; holding down the second position. Kade Johnson though, the stellar Texas athlete, was attempting to run away with victory; to the dismay of both Adams and Gibson behind. The top three were inseparable, yet Johnson’s lasting moto victory would throw a wrench into the overall equation. An (11-1) score placed him sixth; leaving the consistency of Adams (two-two), to inherit yet another, gold overall medallion! Gibson and Lawton, holding strong for the KTM brand, would do what was necessary to attain second and third.