The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 85CC 9-11 LIMITED -

The youngest of the 85cc divisions would roar to life as the 2020 Ponca City National was initiated, the crisp, fall air being filled with fumes of race fuel. Top-tiered riders from around the country had congregated smack dab in the middle of the United States, hoping to walk away from the notorious MotoPlayground race with significant hardware accumulation. Drew Adams, Canyon Richards, Ely Gross...the list went on and on before the gate would rise for the heat races. Whom would crown themselves as victor? Well, there was only one way to find out, as the “Cream of the Crop” would most certainly rise to the top. The number three-hundred machine of Adams presented a pace of outlandish magnitude during the opening segments of heat one, launching over the in-field triple with the throttle pegged to the highest degree. There was no stopping the might and ferociousness he embodied within, hitting all portions of this track with canny speed and style. Holding strong throughout corners with dozens of ruts, his ability to decipher and pick a particular groove was exceptional; keeping him out of harm's way, on more than one occasion. He had Canyon Richards all over him though, and Ely Gross bringing up the rear as well; creating a pack of savaged riders, all vying for the checkered flag. Yet, it was Chattanooga’s own of Adams holding strong at the front of the pack; keeping Richards and Gross, to second and third. For the second heat, it was Chance Lawton working his way around Deacon Denno to capture the lead. The top five were running sub-two-minute lap times, making for a photo finish as the checkered flag was cast. Lawton’s ability to fight and claw, lent him very well while Christopher Harris sat just behind in second. With Vincent Wey now venturing into the 85cc scene as well, the categorization of the top three was most certainly noteworthy. It would boil down to this particular runoff, where Adams toppled all in his route to a lead on the first circuit. Railing a multitude of outside lines, his race-craft proved to be a reflection of his dedication both on and off the motorcycle. Numerous miles had been run, along with a myriad of races being simulated at the practice track. The blood, sweat, and tears, were all leading up to this moment; a pinnacle of sorts, as he possessed the checkered flag strongly in his hands. With Adams gratified as one could be with the overall, Canyon Richards raced exceptionally to claim second, and Ely Gross would make the state of Kansas proud with his overall performance.