The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020



Not too often will you see “Vet” classes with enough riders to fill more than one gate, but my goodness did these riders appear in droves for this particular Ponca City event. All on the line were looking to rekindle their youth, experiencing a feeling of “Déjà vu” at one point in time or another. Although the former national had taken place during the latter weeks of July, the revamped circumstances of this MotoPlayground event would certainly make for an awesome event by all accounts. For heat number one, it was Terren O’dell showcasing his full arsenal of tricks for the crowd to see. His style embodied that of a hard-nosed grit that wasn’t too often found. It was the premise that had him signed to the Suzuki Amateur Team for numerous years and hadn’t seemed to “Miss A Beat” per se, for the likes of this 2020 episode. Speeding through the back straightaway section, even his motor would click into the fourth and fifth gear range, trying to summon an effort of speed that couldn’t be matched. Kawasaki’s Justin Dickey kept him honest though, with the KTM rider still within view as the checkered flag was thrown. O’Dell, Dickey, and Kody Lorenz accrued the first three spots, with only the second heat to come in the following minutes. Giancarlo Clouser replicated a militant manner to begin things for this racing period, keeping Brent Rush and Cole Supernaw at bay. One corner, in particular, the right-handed bend just after the finish line, he was nailing with exquisite marksmanship; thriving as the track got rougher, and many outside the top-ten began to fade. Supernaw would steadily creep closer and closer to the rear end of Clouser’s machine, yet the 322 couldn’t be tamed as he rampantly sprinted to a race win; leaving Supernaw second, and McQuary, third. Riders were all over the place for this respective endeavor, also known as the runoff period to conclude the weekend. Supernaw would again seal the deal in the initial laps, establishing a sought out plan and holding rather rigid until the checkered flag would wave. Justin Dickey in the meantime would push O’Dell to the wayside; blocking his infiltration to a high degree, with a consecutive series of inside lines. Finally, after around ten minutes of sprinting, the field would be forced to exit the raceway. And at this point, with Supernaw’s craftiness and ability to stay strong, his moto victory took home an overall with certainty. Dickey and O’Dell, finished just behind.