The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 85CC OPEN -

With few events offering the 85cc Open division anymore when the class is showcased, the industry seems to pay noticeable attention toward the respective grouping. Why is that, you ask? Well, with riders spanning this particular category from the ages of nine to fifteen, it’s a definitive proving ground to see who can accumulate noteworthy results during a pivotal period of their racing career. In the morning hours of this particular October weekend, the referee near the starting line would proceed to call upon the names of soldiers in the class, lining up for battle with a warrior-like spirit. Immediately, once the gates would crash to the ground, Alaska’s Landin Peppered would make his case for the top rider in the field. The number thirty-seven was sleek in his trudging through many inside lines. Others behind would attempt to follow, yet, his ability to provide impeccable speed immediately would vault him forward. Racing with a sound mentality, nothing appeared to fluster him as the white flag was thrown. Both Ely Gross and Agustin Barreneche though, would do what was necessary to claim second and third...hoping to catch Pepperd off guard for the main event. The following outing of racing, would once again have Drew Adams atop the leaderboard. It was as though the number three-hundred machine was built for this; embodied with resiliency and stability like no other. Extravagant in all portions of the race track, he would sweep the right-hander before the finish-lie with jaw-dropping speed. Always keeping a few fingers on the clutch, he would feather the lever only when necessary, keeping a bit of insurmountable rolling speed that wasn’t ever in question. Small feats like that, are what hurled him into the lead once and for all; pushing Carter Malcolm into second, and Thomas Wood on the last step of the podium. Coming together for the main event, the collaboration of the rider’s mindset focused on one thing in particular; that of the first turn. Who would emerge? None other than Landon Gibson, taking the state of Georgia and putting it on his back for the world to see. Agustin Barreneche and Carter Malcolm though would eagerly look for a way around; doing so, just near the halfway point. Malcolm couldn’t be tamed, displaying a rather risky but advantageous aptitude as the checkered waved in the distance. With Carter claiming the overall (via two-one) scores, Barreneche and Peppered would attain the other positions on the box, with an exclamation.