The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- GIRLS (11-16) -

No stranger to victory lane, Kyleigh Stallings sought out the path to victory many months ago. Eyeing the MotoPlayground race here in Ponca City as an opportunistic proving ground, you could sense her demeanor of fortitude and bravery long before the gate would rise. Viewing the riders as they sat behind the starting line, it was Stallings who inflicted fear into the eyes of many. But there were those few, who looked to counter her confidence with the swagger of their own...hoping to do so in the forthcoming laps. As the field funneled through the first few circuits, Mackenzye Brocato showcased the full array of her skillset; by venturing into a spectacular lead while blitzing the numerous rollers on the circuit. The chicane before the start stretch would be dismantled by her Husqvarna machine; her number 305 carving lines through soil that was unforeseen by those around her, relishing in admirable times as a result. At this point, the track had developed numerous crusted grooves, creating pathways some fifty feet long! The bellies of the ruts were deep as well, forcing riders to stay atop the foot-pegs, while they sprinted closer and closer to the checkered flag. And with Brocato out front, looking to walk away with the victory, it was that of Kyleigh Stallings pummeling through the crowd with a confident blend of rage and fury. Her first lap residency of fourteenth was merely an afterthought throughout the following circuits. Bypassing five, and six, riders at a time, had her into second by the time lap four arose! An exceptional feat by all accounts, it was Brocato doing what was necessary to attain the victory; with Stalling second, and Regan Fowler riding tremendous to capture third. Now the question was asked, what would occur if Stallings was able to generate a strong start for the second go around...? Well, an answer was then quickly declared, as she placed the fastest time on the second portion of the competition, never looking back. Continuing to stretch a rather prominent showing, the attention of those on the sidelines was directed in her vicinity. Yet Brocato, and Hannah Oakes were doing everything they could to hold down second and third, pushing a pace that was most definitely applaud-worthy. However, after the four-lap endeavor, Stallings would carry forward with her championship reign. Brocato would hold the silver medal rather high, while Ginger Osgood and Hannah Oakes, took both the third and fourth place slots as well.