The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


SCHOOLBOY 2 (12-17) B/C

This class right here was an absolute showcase of top-tier competitiveness for the national here in Ponca City. Riders from top to bottom had accumulated a portion of accolades that rivaled by few others. Jett Reynolds, Daxton Bennick, and Caden Braswell, were just a few that pushed their bikes to the starting line; in hopes of walking away with a gold medal, glistening in the Oklahoma sunshine. The first division saw the seventy-nine of Reynold’s blasting toward the green flag, almost as if the relic were attracted to the “secondary” color in which his plastic had been coated. The Bakersfield resident hadn’t missed a beat since his Loretta Lynn tenure, proving to all in the industry just how capable he was of excelling on the national circuit. A standout for the entirety of his career, this particular occasion in Ponca was no different. Hitting each line with a degree of certainty, he had developed a lead that Nicholas Romano couldn't tame. Yet, at the stripe, each rider in the field had still exemplified one-hundred percent of their race-craft. Reynolds, Romano, and Jayden Clough had taken hold of the top three. A repeated categorization was then put on display for the fans in attendance, with Daxton Bennick now portraying a veteran-like demeanor in front of the field. Standing tall throughout the vast majority of the track, his skillset would amplify as the track roughened up. So, in an actual pattern of ascension, he would capitalize on the fatigue of others in the field. Holding strong while in the lead, Crockett Myers and Kimble Jett would finish just behind. They all would come together for the finality of the weekend, where Reynolds and Romano would immediately battle in front of thirty different competitors. Neck and neck, mere seconds would separate themselves from one another around this treacherous Oklahoma circuit. The Yamaha rider held onto the lead with charisma, but the seventy-nine machine was closing in fast. Time was winding-down as well, with only four or so minutes, left before the conclusion. Hundreds of fans had now resided on the sidelines, screaming with all of their might to propel their favorite riders. Reynolds would feast on this, empowering him to make an “all-out” pass on the final circuit. It was here, where he and Romano would lock-horns, sending the Yamaha rider flying to the ground as a result! An unfortunate circumstance by all accounts, the move was purely a racing incident. Jett would then take the victory, with Brandon Ray riding strongly in second, and Daxton Bennick, rounding out the podium.