The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


-  125 C -

For this particular novice showcase, the playing field had been set to an “even kill” if you will. All were aboard 125cc 2-stroke machines, where numerous variables were exiled when they fired their engines. Whose race-craft would fair this treacherous circuit with the most esteem? Only time would tell, as the gate fell for the opening segments of moto number one. Bridgeport, Texas’ Alumbaugh wasted no time in bombarding his way to the front of the field; yearning to capture the overall seeding of one before the inception of moto two. Yet, all the wishing in the world couldn’t bestow the title of victor into his arms; it had to be captured with a sense of urgency and willpower, courageous and brave throughout his laps on the Ponca City circuit. Those traits would be enacted throughout the minutes to follow, keeping riders like Bryce Lizarraga and Tucker Nelson at bay. This field would be shuffling to a vast extent, leaving for a ridiculous equation of overall(s) to follow in the next moto. However, when viewing the task at hand, the number seventeen had done what was necessary to capture the lead; taking the first-place residency, by lap number three. Setting the fastest time in the process, Lizarraga and Nelson were forced to be situated in positions two and three. Once the white flag was thrown, his 125cc steed would ring-out through all portions of the track; especially over the rather large anthill just before the finish line. Launching into flat-land that would make even the stiffest of suspension collapse, Garrett would somehow finagle the process into a time-gaining expenditure. His presence could be felt through the entire field, holding on, to the victory he desired. Lizarraga and Nelson, taking the remaining sectors of the podium. Alumbaugh for the second occasion wasted not one ounce of energy in pushing to the front; hoping to bypass any troublesome circumstances in the first turn, by leading the field around. Ethan Commodore and Talan Van Valkenburg, were implementing every course of action they could generate to stifle the persona of the seventeen. Yet, it was to no avail, and throughout the entirety of the four-lap platform, the running order of Alumbaugh, Commodore, and Van Valkenburg would stay cemented. The Yamaha rider had done enough to claim the overall. Meanwhile, a lucrative process of position swapping would ensue behind; with Bryce Lizarraga taking second overall, and Gavin Templen, finishing on the final step of the box.