The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- 125cc (12-17) B/C

“Ahh...” The sound(s) of crisp 125cc 2-strokes filling the air. The town of Ponca City, Oklahoma, had now become a platform of the world’s fastest athletes aboard the two-wheeled machines. It was a track of elaborate magnitude, where competitors from all sectors of the world ventured to find gold. One of the most star-studded athletes on the grid was that of Evan Ferry. His expertise had transcended numerous nationals throughout the years, and he eyed that of the MotoPlayground event with the same sense of willpower. His speed was contagious in the opening heat race, forcing others to scurry away in fear as he blitzed by. Railing the right-hander just after the finish-line section, his foot-peg(s) would engrave their way into the ground time and time again. There was a slight ledge in the moments to follow, where Ferry would wheelie over the drop-down and into the adjacent corner. Others, although trying to do the same, couldn’t seem to find that groove of reflection throughout the five-lap spread. A tale of two stories, Ferry would relish while many others had difficulty navigating. Although, in the grand scheme of matters, everyone was giving it their all while trying to tackle the outright speed of the number seventy-five. Taking victory in the laps to follow, the racer’s in the previous episode, had a puzzling conundrum on their hands. You see, as Ferry was placed into heat number two, riders like Noah Smerdon had been nestled into the first go-around. Smerdon would put-on a display of talent like few had ever seen, ruffling the feathers of multiple competitors on the gate as he beelined toward the checkered. Now, with both Smerdon and Ferry carrying “one’s” into the final racing episode, it would then become time to settle the score. There were a few mystic lines, if you will, hidden on the racecourse for the main event; and it was a matter of locating those pathways, to see just whom would land in the number one residency as the final flag would fly. Ferry immediately threw down a series of laps that were jaw-dropping, forcing Smerdon, Noah Stevens, and a bundle of other riders to follow. Ferry would hamper the vision of all behind him, leaving a slight trail of dust around the Ponca City circuit. Doing what was necessary to attain the first place tally, Smerdon’s scores of (one-two) had him in second; while Noah Stevens finished third, with a (three-five) cumulation.