The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


- VET 25+ -

When this division was created, some decades ago, the 25+ class was immediately a showcase for past professionals to race in a bit of friendly banter. And for this period, the Ponca City showcase was no different. Riders were sitting silently along the starting gate, watching with hands clasped over their handlebar(s). Tractors were tilling all around the circuit, creating a canvas of pure speed and artistry for them to compete on. Oozing with excitement, it was Cole Supernaw who desired the start more than anyone else. Michael Ashe, and Guillermo Esteva, kept him honest throughout the opening segments; 450cc machines of many different brands spraying roost in a myriad of directions. Although some on the line would label this championship as a vacation of sorts, the aforementioned riders were running toward the checkered flag as if their life depended on it. Supernaw, an Oklahoma native in his own right, appeared to know this track rather well. Logging numerous laps on the circuit during his younger years would pay an extreme dividend for the likes of 2020. Ashe, running strong on the Suzuki, continued to pester Esteva who remained in the second-place residency for quite some time. Finally, the fortress that surrounded the thirteen machine was infiltrated; pushing Ashe into silver medal contention, with Guillermo now third. Meanwhile, it was Terren O’dell surging through the pack. His skillset of old was still relevant, running a feverish pace throughout the four-lap quest. Although finishing fourth, he knew he had what it took to capture a strong overall spot. The final results board would read, Supernaw, Ashe, Esteva, and O’Dell, in that order respectively. The “Terren’ Up Racing” slogan of old would be in full effect for the latter episode. Supernaw again put his machine in an advantageous residency, fending off the 771 KTM for quite some time. However, he couldn’t seem to weather the storm as lap three would be initiated; with the Arkansas rider (O’Dell) doing what was necessary to take hold of the field. Cole would demonstrate a rather strong effort in second, keeping Michael Ashe at bay in the process. Esteva, now fourth, looked to push his way into podium contention as well; with the conundrum of riders now shuffled to a vast degree. It was O’Dell though, who’d done all he could to claim the overall. However, the consistency of Supernaw was an intangible trait that ruled all; with the final results, a sheet listing Supernaw, O’Dell, and Ashe respectively.