The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


Years ago, classified as the 85cc (12-13) division, this particular group has been synonymous with extremely talented riders since its inception. And in 2020, although with a slightly revised label, the outpouring of talent was no different. Thomas Wood, Jeremy Fappani, and Dilon Blecha were just a few of the riders lining the gates. Some forty-plus others were doing their best to infiltrate the podium, as the final ballot would be penciled together following the conclusion of two, five-lap expeditions. Racing with a competitive edge that was beyond what many could realize, Landin Pepperd would leap through the assortment of doubles and triples within the infield parameter. The back wheel would gyrate, as the locomotion of the chain kept the tire spinning in forwarding motion. Jeremy Fappani, with the number two machine beneath him, would blend into the congregation of KTM riders around. The Austrian brand simply couldn’t be deterred, as their engine package would be firing on all cylinders. Following this particular five-lap expedition, Pepperd, Fappani, and Agustin Barreneche were listed as the top three riders on this occasion. Moments later, another swarm of KTM’s would quarrel, while fighting to see who captured the green flag. It was Dilon Blecha, throwing down an array of marvelous feats while pulling ever so slightly away from Carter Malcolm. Thomas Wood and Malcolm were inseparable, although Jace Allred too would make his push for the lead in the meantime. A courageous act by all parties involved, the final running order would be listed as Blecha, Malcolm, and Wood (with Allred, fourth), as the two parties aimed to collaborate for one final venture. The number forty-three (slash) machine of Thomas Wood, at that point, proved the training in Cairo, Georgia was well worth it. Gratified as he held the race lead within his grasp, the notion of setting sail to the pack was most certainly enacted. Flying over the largest tabletop on the track, a subtle whipping of the chassis would be enough to motivate Jeremy Fappani behind him. The number(ed) two-rider had a fight of his own to engage in, battling the likes of Agustin Barreneche as well. The aforementioned top three were now “set in stone” per se, holding down these particular placements until the checkered flag was cast. Wood, ecstatic with the overall victory in his hands, was shadowed by Fappani and Barreneche in second and third.