The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


Locked and loaded into a trance of focus, the riders of the 250 C Jr. division were eager to decimate this Ponca City racecourse. Founded by the forefathers of the competitive American circuit, athletes such as Garrett Alumbaugh knew that the few seconds before gate-falling were critical, in his venture to the top step of the podium. Penciled into heat number one, the field would be sliced into two groups, respectively. And he would forecast an absolute terrorizing force for the laps to come, as he wrestled the lead away from riders likes Dominic Butscher and Ethan Commodore. Ruts were beginning to form on a rather seismic scale, the decibel(s) of his Husqvarna motor ringing out for all to feel. Consecutively, his lead would grow; multiplying exponentially, each time he passed the checkered flag circuit. The referee, rotating the final notion of the competitive episode (via the white flag), pushed Alumbaugh to a commanding win; indicative, of the championship pedigree he could enact. For the second division meanwhile, it would be Shane Hamilton running rampant, with dozens of riders chasing his rear fender. He was rather sly in his movement of the motorcycle, cutting across the track at the last possible second, taking lines away with vicious intent. Touted as capable of finishing well in the main event also, Hamilton took a stellar victory, with riders like Polini Francisco in tow. The entire body of the field would then congregate for a “showdown” of sorts; pistols were drawn, and each weapon was loaded with ammunition. Firing off rounds into the first turn conundrum, it appeared as though Alumbaugh had done it yet again. Rummaging through terrain that was rather obscure, the number seventeen machine displayed fearlessness through the trekking of following laps. Running the wide line while bypassing the second turn, his times were capable of topping numerous riders in the intermediate division. Meanwhile, Andrew Hutchins and Polini Francisco were surging through the pack in their own right. Garrett’s focus couldn’t wither, as he felt pressure beginning to accumulate over the bundle of laps. On the final circuit, he sprinted under the far-side “Grit Moto” overpass, looking to those in his corner for motivation. They applauded, along with dozens of others on the sidelines. Taking the checkered flag in stride, Francisco and Hutchins would round out the podium.