The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


Often touted as one of the strongest categorizations on the docket, the field of Schoolboy 1 riders at the MotoPlayground event were spectacular in their quarrel for overall victory. Again, one of the numerous classes that had been placed into respective division(s), both sides of the coin were filled with talent; and a particularly watchful eye would zero-in, on the numerous high-talented competitors in which assembled. Brock Walker pushed the number twenty-four machine to the front of the field for the first go-around, showcasing what he and his fellow Texan crew were all about. This track had a few corners, where outside and inside lines differentiated; Walker, a tremendous talent, managed to keep a portion of immaculate speed around the furthest lines on the circuit. Although having to race a “longer” distance if you will, his surplus of throttle twisting would keep him generating a gap that couldn’t be topped. Crocket Myers, sitting soundly in second aboard his number 411 Yamaha machine, would keep him honest; ringing the blue-hued motor to an impeccable extent, while the white flag flew. Finishing this particular bout in first and second, the attention of the crowd then turned to the gate for the following heat. Evan Ferry, nestled aboard a dazzling Husqvarna machine, was throwing the chassis every which way as he bypassed the scorer’s tower. Hitting the rather steep triple placed in the infield, he would charge the following tabletop with imminent speed. A small scrub would shave-off any extra speed that had been created, landing into the left corner with confidence and enthusiasm. Noah Stevens and Trevor Colip were just behind in second and third, yet it appeared to be Ferry’s race to lose. The seventy-five machine had been in this scenario time and time again, seasoned with his traits of both willpower and esteem. Harnessing the checkered flag, Colip and Stevens would finish just behind. The main event meanwhile, was where Ferry proceeded to take the reign of the class yet again. Appearing hungrier than ever, his battle-cry would be belted, throughout the Ponca City facility. Colip and Stevens were doing their best to latch on, yet Evan seemed to embody a flow that no other could muster. Racing with a fury throughout the latter portion of action as well, Ferry exemplified dominance as he swept the division; Colip and Stevens, obtaining the silver and bronze.