The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020


Although similar to the other Mini Sr. endeavor, this slightly elder division had a few older riders involved to make things interesting...Yet athletes like Carter Malcolm were staking their claim for certainty atop the throne; presenting all in their skillset, to hoist the checkered flag. For round number one, the pack scurried into the opening bend, bikes ricocheting off one another. In a true, survival of the fittest episode, Malcolm would come out swinging, with Allred and Pepperd behind him. Thomas Wood and Dilon Blecha had also tossed their names into the hat of contention, putting nearly seventy-five percent of the top ten on KTM machine(s). Sandwiched around this Ponca City circuit, all lines were being used as the pack raced two and three wide. Launching into orbit time and time again, Malcolm’s sixty-seven rocket ship wouldn’t wince as he blasted through tacky Oklahoma loam. The 85cc machine acted almost if glue were plastered on the knobbie(s) of both tires, sticking into every portion of racetrack it desired. Floating through the rolling section after the start, he could see that Allred was attempting to close-in rather fast. But, the resiliency of Malcolm would pay off in a rather stellar manner; holding strong as the white flag was thrown. Now into third, Landin Pepperd had those in his corner applauding with excitement, pursuing the front-runners with the integrity of his being. Finalizing the moto in a listing of Malcolm, Allred, and Pepperd, the second portion of action was certainly deemed to be a treat. Once the riders had regrouped and rehydrated, they flocked to the starting grid to select their gates. Many would funnel to the inside, hoping to beeline straight toward the furthest marker. Desiring to come away with a hole-shot, the entirety of their vision had been fixated on the straightaway ahead. Agustin Barreneche, a rider who had unfortunately accrued a “DNF” in the first round, looked to fly away from the pack in the opening moments. He’d rehearsed this scenario time and time again in Cairo, Georgia, immersing his being in a series of sprints while surrounded by the fastest riders from around the globe. This episode was no different, albeit, taking place in Ponca City. He would weather the storm, from Jeremy Fappani and Carter Malcolm who were just behind. And as the podium residency was declared, it would be the previously mentioned list hoisting their hardware for all to see.