The “MotoPlayground Race” Coverage 2020

ADEN FINLEY - 85cc C (9-15) Beginner

Forewarning: Do not become deceived by the title of this class. The “beginner” label, although accompanied by a specific mantra, was the absolute furthest description of the riding aptitude from the athlete’s in this class. The creativity of riders such as Aden Finley, Vinny Bollasina, and Joaquin Olhiser was phenomenal; making for a stellar event, in the race’s to come. For heat number one, the KTM of Blake Parker was riding exceptionally well, blazing a trail that few could extinguish. Launching over the flyaway tabletop just after the starting gate, a slight tapping of the rear brake as he summited through the air, would have him landing on the downslope with imminent speed. Riders just behind would follow in that strain of style, including Collin Clark. The “Orange Brigade” team had simply swarmed the manufacturing category of this particular division, as both Parker and Clark, would attain the first two positions on the overall leaderboard. For the following extravaganza, it was Aden Finley who appeared ready and on a mission to the front of the field. Merciless by all account(s), he would thrash the Ponca City soil with an exclamation as he landed off the largest of jumps. Clutching only when necessary, his efficiency on the motorcycle was exceptional; putting down a myriad of astonishing lap-times. The previously noted Olhiser was just behind, keeping him honest. Yet the number ninety-nine prevailed, putting on for the hometown of Hudson, Colorado, as the running order had been sat for the main event. Clicking into second gear, the class assembled and beelined into the first corner. Elbows would be bumped, and shrouds were scraped, as the pack dispersed in the following moments. Giuliano Salinas managed to place the number 222 machine ahead of all others, dousing the vision of those behind with a heap of clay. Bollasina was just behind, managing to twist the throttle with an abundance of power all the while keeping tabs on Finley behind. The top three would stay like this for the latter portion of the moto. Lines had now been etched everywhere, up and over the numerous rollers and anthills that littered the course. Making sure to stand tall on the foot-pegs, Salinas would execute a nearly mistake-free main event. Yet, the number 777 machine would say otherwise, actually passing for the lead on lap three! Although short-lived, the two would joust with a ferocious sense of competitiveness throughout the following corners; Salinas, somehow, managing to emerge in the lead. Taking the win as well, Salinas and Bollasina would transplant themselves into second and third overall, too.