Landin Pepperd has established himself as one of the front runners in many of the 85cc classes this season, particularly finding success in the Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) and 85cc (9-13) Open categories. The Alaska native spends his time away from home at Quick’s Moto Ranch, putting in some hard hours in training, and it was clear that all of his preparation paid off when racing got underway this year. The Fox Racing backed rider started things off at what would be considered his home track, taking part in Spring A Ding Ding at Underground MX at the beginning of March. Pepperd struggled to find consistency in the first couple motos of the weekend, but he managed to pick up the pace as the weekend progressed, notably claiming a podium finish in the second Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) moto. His best overall result came in the 85cc (9-13) Open class as he put together 8-4 moto scores, coming away with a 40 point haul in the Dirty 100 standings. It was the same story for Pepperd at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship as he continued to pick up speed and find his form as the week of racing progressed, although he did still manage to finish the majority of his races inside of the top ten. The Alaskan made it onto the podium in the Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) class in the third and final moto and managed a 9th place overall while he finished a couple of places further up the order in Mini Sr. 2 (13-15), grabbing 7th position overall. One short month later and he was back in action at the Baja Brawl over Labor Day Weekend, performing incredibly well in all nine of his motos. Except for the second Mini Sr. 2 (12-15) moto being classified as a DNS, Pepperd finished every single race that he contested in either 1st or 2nd position. He swept all three motos in the Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) division and claimed a perfect 50 points in the Dirty 100 standings, bumping him up to 4th position in the overall rankings. Meanwhile, an impressive 2nd place finish in the 85cc (9-13) Open class put him at the top of the Dirty 100 standings, holding a 6 point advantage ahead of second position heading into The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City.