Ryder DiFrancesco was a force to be reckoned with in the Supermini 1 and Supermini 2 classes throughout the 2020 racing season. The Team Green Kawasaki rider showed up at the Daytona RCSX signifying a fresh start as he decided to leave the number 199 in the past and start rocking the number 23. He immediately demonstrated electric speed on the supermini at the World Center of Racing, taking the top spot in the Supermini 1 class with the Main Event victory. A racing incident with his Kawasaki teammate, Gavin Towers, in the Supermini 2 class dropped him down to 9th position but he was still able to salvage a solid 34 points. Just a couple of days later, DiFrancesco was a man on a mission at Underground MX for Spring A Ding Ding. The Bakersfield born competitor put himself at the front of a deeply competitive field in practically every single moto, winning three out of four races between both of the supermini classes. His perfect score at Spring A Ding Ding put him in a good position in the Supermini 2 classification while bringing him back into contention in the Supermini 1 division while also gathering some additional confidence before heading to the Ranch. Out of all the successful years that DiFrancesco has had at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship, 2020 turned out to be the best year of his career thus far. For the first time ever, the Team Dunlop Elite rider managed to sweep both of his classes and win all six motos while doing so, earning his 7th and 8th titles at Loretta’s. After another perfect 100 point haul, the Kawasaki rider secured the top spot in the Supermini 2 Dirty 100 Championship while also securing 2nd place in the Supermini 1 category. There won’t be any more changes in the standings in Ponca City as DiFrancesco has since moved up to the B class and has been focusing his energy on the KX250F, but it’s definitely going to be exciting to watch his debut on a big bike at The Motoplayground Race.