The one they call Rooster, Rian McDaniel, has made his presence known this year in the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited class. The rider out of Cleveland, Texas has worked his way up the Dirty 100 rankings with solid and consistent performances up until this point in the season and he’ll be aiming to keep up the same form when The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City kicks off in October. McDaniel’s 2020 season started back at Spring A Ding Ding where he scored his best results of the entire year, finishing 2nd in both of the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive motos. The Cutting-Edge Motorsports rider picked up a hefty 45 points thanks to his 2nd place finish and got the season started off on a high note, picking up some momentum heading to Hurricane Mills. Once the gate dropped at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship, things didn’t exactly start in his favor. Regardless of the adversity, McDaniel made steady improvements throughout the week, improving his result from one moto to the next on his way to 7th overall. It was impressive to see the Texan improve his pace over the course of the three moto format and he ended up coming away from the Ranch with 36 points, putting him in a podium position in the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited Dirty 100 standings. Rooster backed it up at Baja with a solid 5th place overall finish, landing on the podium in the third and final moto. He rose to the occasion late in the weekend when the track was at it’s roughest, hauling in an all-important 38 points as he maintained his 3rd place position in the standings. McDaniel has accrued a total of 119 points so far this season with a decent gap to the riders behind him, but he’ll have to be on his A-game at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City if he wants to hang onto the podium position.