Year after year, riders are being plucked out of the amateur ranks and onto professional teams; especially in regards to the likes of 2019. Manufacturer’s and team owner’s alike, look toward a few classes to really gauge the true talent level; hand-picking prospects, who excel in a multitude of divisions. One class in particular that’s under intense magnification, would be that of the Schoolboy 2 class; where the stars of Supercross today, have excelled at one point or another. And for the likes of the MotoPlayground Race at Ponca City, the case would be no different. As the likes of 2-stroke riders and B class competitors, would merge together as one; under the roof of the “seventeen” year-old limit. Man oh man was it stacked with talent, and Chance Hymas knew deep down that he had the ability to stand out, amongst the field of all-stars. Hymas would take off and attempt to leave the field in the dust, although the track was covered in an abundance of moisture. The wheels of each individuals motorcycle would hook deep into the Oklahoma soil, allowing for laptimes to be some of the fastest to occur all week. Ruts would be carved through both corners and faces of the jumps, yet for riders like Hymas, Braswell, and Walther, no speed would ever be deterred. Reyes Jr. and Blackmer would be bringing up the latter half of the top five, pushing the pace in their own right. But it was Hymas, firing on all cylinders, continuing to register absurd laptimes as he inched closer and closer to the checkered flag. Braswell and Walther would remain in second and third too, packing the podium with an insurmountable array of talent. Ready to go for the likes of the second moto, all in attendance were anxious to see just who would walk away with the overall championship. Chance would once again stick to the script for the beginning of moto number two, running a pace that could hardly be matched by anyone in the field. Reyes Jr. would look to attach one, navigating through the chop on the backside of the track with fearless intent. The willpower shown by the entire field was truly noteworthy, and no rider was backing down from the point of moving forward. Levi Kitchen, was the rider truly on the move though; as an eleventh on lap number one, would be quickly erased for a top five effort. Now battling for a podium spot, there would be four riders under the blanket of a ten-second window; including Hymas, Reyes, Kitchen, and Braswell. Looking to tackle the white flag, Hymas was showing no sign of surrender; continuing to push with the checkered waving in the distance. Leading every lap in the process, Hymas, would exit the Ponca City facility with a championship in his grasp. Levi Kitchen, hailing from Washington, would have the silver medal draped around his neck, while Larry Reyes Jr. would travel back to the Lonestar State sporting a solid third overall.