Although not quite offering college credit, the likes of the College (18-24) class has reaped dividends for numerous careers for the better part of a decade. Regardless of which amateur national is chosen, if you’re able to win this class on the sports largest stage, then you most certainly will garner success at some point in the future. With the roster for this particular division absolutely filled with top-tier talent, many in the crowd would question themselves as to just who would emerge as the victor. Practice, had numerous guys gunning for the pole position; leaving a true riddle to be solved, once the gate would fall. As all would line up for the gate, each rider would begin to fill with anticipation. Staying calm under pressure would be key, as the pace set initially, would be heightened to the furthest extent. It would be that of John Citrola pushing the pack early on, as his Honda would remain rather clean throughout this moist-ridden Ponca City track. Shifting through the gearbox with ferocious intent, he was flicking his machine around as if it were a toy; muscling the Honda through the largest of ruts, and coming out of the trenches volleying with momentum. Bjorn Viney would be just behind him, looking to keep the leader as close as possible. These two, would eventually break away from the pack and establish quite the battle of their own. Lap after lap, they would remain in unison; seemingly linked at the shroud, with each one gauging just how far they could pull away. Logan Boye and Tommy Rios, meanwhile, would have to claw their way through the field. Pushing through traffic of all kinds, their creativity would have to be imminent; otherwise, they would be forced into a period of stagnation and subsequent loss of time. Continuing to chug along, the leaders would pass the halfway point; and would be so far in front of the field, would have a bit of time to establish a “cruise control.” It would be that of Logan Boye though, who would go on to generate the fastest time of the moto; proving that stamina wasn’t a question, and doing so on the final circuit. With Citrola taking the win, Viney claiming second, it would be that of Boye rounding out the top three, and Rios fourth. For round number two, the field would once again slam together throughout the first few corners; numerous riders attempting to out reach each other for a respective position. Blake Hazen would be the rider out front this time, holding the lead for quite sometime, until the race would reach the latter laps. Tommy Rios would be the man on the move, registering sixth on the first lap, and escalating to the fullest degree throughout the forthcoming circuits. Moving past the likes of Adam Cranford, Logan Boye, and Bjorn Viney, Rios would inherit the lead with just a few laps to go! It would be that of Bjorn Viney though, sitting in second; as the top five riders, were separated by less than five seconds! Although Rios would take the moto win, it would be that of Bjorn Viney getting the overall championship; demonstrating consistency with two-two finishes. Rios would garner second and Logan Boye, third.