Although this class was rather compact in size, it most certainly exceeded expectations with talent. Packed to the brim with riders from that of Ponca City itself, to the heights of Colorado, and even the shores of New Jersey, word of this prestigious event seemed to travel a good ways when in discussion of the Girls (9-13) class in particular. Representing the home state, would be that of riders like Kyleigh Stallings; who really began to accrue immense success on the amateur national tour throughout the past couple of seasons. But with names like Brighton Richards, Maylei Leaneagh, Lilly-Ann Pettus, and Sophia Barnes, it was anyone’s guess as to who would emerge as champion once all would conclude for this October weekend. After a stellar session of practice, the girls would line up behind the gate to embark on their first moto. The track would be fierce, but it was nothing that this roster couldn’t handle; no matter how big the jump or technical the obstacle, the girls of this class felt certain that they all could turn some noteworthy laptimes. It was that of Brighton Richards getting off the line with an excellent combination of sheer will and quick-witted shifting points. Putting her machine in front of everyone else, would allow her to scan the track for the smoothest of lines. It was an open road of fresh ruts, and although treacherous, she believed with solid momentum that she could power through. That would be the case, and she would go on to lead lap two as well. With Leaneagh in second, it would be that of Kyleigh Stallings applying pressure from behind. Slowly and rather methodically, she would inch her way forward. Overtaking the second spot, by the time she had completed lap two. With Richards just in front of her, she believed that she had to wait for the absolute best time to initiate the pass. That opportunity would present itself on lap three, and Stallings would display a jaw-dropping circuit time for all to see; that of an immaculate 2:08! Doing enough to pull a gap, and then some, she would distance herself from that of Richards and the rest of the field. Stallings was on rails, and respectively, few within the premises of the Ponca City track could touch her for this race; regardless of class. Everyone in the field would brave the trenches of this extremely tough course, as the final top three would be listed as Stallings, Richards, and Leaneagh. For the second moto, Stallings would do what was necessary to build a substantial lead. Richards and Leaneagh would ride exceptional as well, as they all would put on a clinic for the crowd to see. Kyleigh was continuing to throw down eye-opening laptimes; never once shying away from the fact that the checkered flag was just near. Claiming yet another win and championship, the spectacular ride of Kyleigh Stallings would put her just ahead of Richards (second overall) and Leaneagh (third overall), as all would settle for the event.