As the young women of these youth age groups would continue to progress, so too would their surrounding competition. Bike size, confidence level, and aggressiveness, would all be morphed into one as the females of the amateur motocross circuit would gather together once again. Merging into one tactical unit for the likes of the Ponca City National, the idea of the MotoPlayground Race was one that many riders would circle on their calendar. After pushing through the fierce conditions of practice, many competitors were waiting with anticipation for that initial gate drop. Mechanics and racers alike were standing beside one another; huddling together, discussing strategy and how they planned to attack the track. Each memo, slightly different than the next, but all resulting in the same means to an end; that of crossing the checkered flag. The bikes would all have their throttle’s pegged to the fullest extent, shifting into second gear as the metal gate would unlatch. And within an instant, the field would take off; spraying one another will small pellets, that were vaulted off each other’s rear tread. Landrey Hazen of Bay City, Michigan, was the first to take the green flag; hoping to do enough, to venture away from the entire field. But riders like Brighton Richards and Kyleigh Stallings, would have plans of their own. The three would dive into the back sections of track, with each rider picking a particular groove of their own. With a plethora of room for passing, there was no shortage of opportunity to work. Stallings would push forward into the silver medal slot by lap number two, eyeing that of the leader with feverish intent. It was almost if she could visualize and see that of the lead coming to her, grasping the throttle and handlebar with everything she had. The once gap of nine seconds, had trimmed to five by lap two. Steadily coming closer, it would be down to three seconds as they neared the white flag. It would come down to one pivotal lap, where the fourth circuit provided an opportunity for it all to be captured. Stallings would throw out all, in her bag of tricks; leaving nothing to chance as they hurled both body and machine toward the final stripe. Hazen was resilient enough with her mentality not to give in, fighting off the competitor until the bitter end. Holding on for the win, it was Kyleigh Stallings who put down the fastest lap, while finishing second. Brighton Richards would finish a strong third, rounding out the top three. For the second portion of racing action, it was Stallings blitzing out to an imminent lead; almost as if winning were her only option. One lap after another, she would keep her machine in front of the field. Despite the likes of Hazen and Richards behind her. The KTM of Hazen would slightly close the gap toward the end of the moto; yet, Stallings was driven enough, to keep her focus forward. Limiting all distractions, she would be told by her mechanic “one more lap.” And the final push, would be all that was needed for her to garner a championship. Her score of both second and first, would lead her ahead of Landrey Hazen, who would ride exceptionally well for the silver medal, and Brighton Richards the bronze.