Bringing the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm as the younger “Open” divisions, the Vet Open class would provide just the right amount of adrenaline and thrill, when taking off from behind the gate at the 2019 MotoPlayground event. Filled with riders of twenty-five years and older, there seemed to be a wide variety of relative youth, and experienced elders battling with each other lap after lap. John Moeller would shoot out of his respective starting pad with imminent technique; holding the throttle on just a bit longer than anyone else. Kretzler would be in tow, with Nick Click third. Both Moeller and Kretzler would seem to raise the bar in unison, with each rider clicking off laptimes below the two minute mark. A rarity on a track like this, they simply were giving it all they had, while within close proximity of one another. Kretzler would continue on with that solid pace, now pushing even harder than before. Moeller would decide to back down, ever so slightly; which was all that Matt Kretzler would need, before barging in. Continuing to push though, Moeller knew he couldn’t relax with that of Nick Click behind; as the Missouri rider was no stranger to the national scale. Rob Lewis and Kyle Sellers meanwhile, would weasel their way into the top five. Kretzler would still manage to hold it down out front, throwing the Kawasaki around as if it were a toy. Moeller would look to adapt the same relative path, hoping to soak up as much knowledge as possible while trailing the rear wheel. The number fifty-six in the lead, could see the checkered flag off in the distance; and would push until all of his machine had crossed it. Giving a subtle nod to the competition behind him, riders like Moeller (second) and Click (third), knew they would have to push with high regard in order to disrupt the leader’s momentum. Moeller would appear to rise to the occasion, once again executing flawless starting technique. Kretzler though, would be just behind him; collecting a bit of roost in the meantime, which would only infuriate him more. Never one to follow, Kretzler looked to make a move shortly there after; when an unfortunate mistake, would cost him dearly. Now pushed to the latter half of the top ten, Moeller’s lead over Nick Click would only grow even more. Texas’ Justin Dickey, a former significant amateur competitor, pushed his way into third as well. Moeller’s lead, would allow him to take a sigh of relaxation; monitoring the pack behind him in the meantime. And after doing a bit of calculation in his head, he realized that he had room to spare, even with Click in second. But being the true competitor he was, Moeller would want to stamp the class with authority. Winning this final moto, John would claim the overall championship with certainty. As Nick Click claimed second on the weekend, with Kyle Sellers of Arkansas, riding strong in third.